Preparations in Jesus hereditary tree of descent

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The two different lineages that are found in the gospels of Luke and Matthew for the hereditary tree of Jesusare related to the two different Jesus children, and the preparations for:

  • the Nathan child (gospel Luke) : with focus on this body being a carrier for the astral body and I, hence 11-12 times 7 or 77-84 generations
  • the Zarathustra child (gospel Matthew): with focus on this body being a carrier for the physical and etheric bodies, and 6-7 times 7 or 42-49 generations

The 42 generations are related to the physical and etheric bodies, this knowledge and symbolism of the 42 comes back with the Essenes initiation, but also Egyptian initiation or in Buddhism: Man has to pass 42 stations on his path before entering the divine. These can be distributed across many lives though.

  • The Essenes knew the law in spiritual science that hereditary influence only cease after 42 stages in the line of descent, something that had to be taken into account for eliminating impurities in the soul, hence the Essenes had 42 stages of development. Whereas in Egypt there were trials and 42 judges of death before entering the land of Osiris, also in the Buddha legend is spoken of 42 stages (before one becomes judge of death oneself). The 42 are 6x7 or also 3x14 for the stages from Abraham to David (14), from David to Babylon (14), and from Babylon to Jesus (14). Beyond the 42nd, as of the 43th stage is where 'the becoming God starts' or 'one becomes Osiris', as during the last seven a complete change takes place. Note the generations should not be counted as 33 years but the patriarchal period can be 215 years or more as one 'name' in the tree of generations can represent multiple personalities and incarnations, given the different 'bloodline memory' at the time of Abraham.

The 12 times 7 related to the path 'in spiral form' between the stellar spirit world and physical world. Similarly beyond the 77 stages one arrives in the calm spiritual realm.


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Lecture coverage and references

1910-09-05-GA123 and 1910-09-06-GA123 are key lectures. In 1910-09-05-GA123 is also the 'cosmic spiralling zodiac' description.

The 42 generations in Matthew are linked to

  • the 42 judges of death in the Egyptian initiation rites (1902-03-01-GA097)
  • the 42 stages of Buddha (1902-03-08-GA097)


We can imagine

  • a more horizontal pathway of physical hereditary in Matthew to prepare for the physical body in which the Zarathustra I would incarnate, and
  • a more vertical descent from the divine spirit of the pure 'Adam sister soul' spiralling down seven times twelve through the zodiac signs

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