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The bread and wine used at the Holy Supper by Christ-Jesus, symbolically represent the two lower kingdoms: the mineral and the etheric kingdom or the elements earth and water. Man is to transform his lower bodily principles and redeem those kingdoms. Bread and wine are also outward symbols that reference two preparations used in the ancient Mysteries, to replace what could previously be accomplished by blood relationships.


  • body of Christ as spirit of the Earth
    • Christ-Jesus' statement that the bread and wine are products of the mineral Earth
  • Man can use the mineral's quietness and closure, and the desireless chaste plant, as future vantage points of inspiration for Man's own development (see Schema FMC00.173).
  • see also: Holy Supper symbolism - apostles


Schema FMC00.173 maps the earthly kingdoms of nature to this in terms of their deepest characteristics, and how they are relevant symbolic inspiration for Man in the whole. Taken from Force substance representation.

See also Christ Module 4 - principle in image and story, oa how the symbol of the chaste plant was used in the Ancient Mysteries.


Lecture coverage and references


is called 'The Macrocosmic and Microcosmic Fire. The Spiritualization of Breath and Blood'


continues on the spiritualized fire.


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