Christ Module 4 - Mystery of the Blood

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General background

Below is a condensed statement, with a disclaimer that this is extremely difficult to do and so should only be used as a preliminary orientation for further study. It is not intended to give the full explanation, but just give a short overall statement on how things hang together.

The evolution of our solar system serves only the development of Man as the tenth spiritual hierarchy. Now in the evolutionary planetary stages upto the current earth, an ever-further deepening and condensation from the spiritual into the physical took place. At the same time, the higher spiritual elements developed on a separate path, the so-called monads. The evolutionary goal for this planetary stage Earth is the development of I-consciousness and autonomeous freedom as a prerequisite for unconditional love. For this development of the I, first higher man (the spiritual triad or monad) had to be joined with the lower man, which happened in the Lemurian epoch.

For humanity to reach its goal hower, a divine impulse was required to turn the evolutionary tendency around towards a spiritualization of the current structural principles of Man, and not a further densification and drying up. This injection of life into humanity is the Christ impulse.

When the Sun and Moon separated from the Earth in the Hyperborean epoch and Lemurian epoch, it had important implications as it put the Earth and humanity in a 'force-field' with certain forces working from within the earth, and others from the moon and sun. The life giving forces were now working on earth from outside, from the Sun, and the earth was drying and hardening under the influence of the Moon. As a consequence of what happened with the Luciferic infection in the Lemurian epoch, the chemical and life ethers were blocked for Man.

What happened with the Mystery of Golgotha is that the Sun spirit Christ brought these life giving forces of the higher ethers, the chemical and life ethers, back to earth for the future spiritualization of humanity. One can imagine an injection needle whereby the earth gets an infusion of these higher ethers as Christ joined his spirit with that of our planetary body and became the Earth spirit. The injection of the buddhi as the element of cosmic love had to happen from inside out for humanity. Therefore Christ joined his body with that of the special man-construct Jesus in order to join his pure cosmic ego force with the blood of that human body. At Golgotha, when the blood dripped from the body of Christ-Jesus to the soil of the earth, not only a mineral-chemical reaction took place. The blood was not just a mineral-chemical fluid but a special fluid that now contained the cosmic powers of these chemical and life ethers. This event caused the astral atmosophere of the earth to change. Hence, when we want to understand the re-appearance of Christ in the etheric, than we will not need an understanding of the mineral but of the etheric and the astral.

This means that since two thousand years, this Christ impulse consisting of life forces or chemical and life ethers is flowing through the subconscious of humanity. It is something that makes it way through earth and its population, but has a slow working effect. Imagine a slow motion video of a flower blossoming and opening. So because it works below the surface and not visible for our mundane consciousness, and because it has a longer timescale of millenia for its impact, we don't actually 'see it' plainly. Rather we can see it in the development of the moral impulse towards love, the development of conscience, of empathy, of brotherly love.

Summary statement

This module is about the spiritual scientific 'technical' side of the above, specifically how this impulse works in Man. This requires a deep understanding of the true functioning of Man's bodily principles, not just the physical but especially the etheric, astral and I. So when discussing the heart, the blood, breathing, and so on .. we have to let go of our 'mineral-physical' glasses and contemplate the functioning of the higher principles through these components. When we want to reason about blood, or the heart, or what happens in the brain, then we need to first educate ourselves on the etheric and astral nature instead of the purely mineral we are familiar with.

The I of Man lives in the blood, which is a special fluid and not just a mineral-chemical substance. The blood circulation causes etheric streams to go from the heart towards the brain. Now due to the Christ Impulse, the higher ethers stream up from the Earth since Pentecoast (when the Christ spirit joined with the Earth). Given a number of conditions in how Man lives, what he thinks, how he feels and what he wills, the operational etheric stream of Man can resonate with the etheric stream of the Christ Impulse, which triggers an influencing and awakening of the fire seed that every Man has in him. This is what is called 'not me, but the Christ in me'. What is happening here is that a spark of buddhi starts the development of the life-spirit in Man, the spiritualization of the etheric body. And this budhi-impulse has, 'in practice' the nature of pure brotherly love.

The above development is related to the consciousness soul, because it is only through getting a firm autonomeous self consciousness that Man is able to start, with full consciousness, to work on his own functioning, to make conscious choices and thereby change his nature and his lower principles. This therefore links to the advent of the consciousness soul since the 15th century, the rosecrucian teachings, and more recent the teachings of spiritual science and initiation.

Aspects for in-depth study

The Mystery of the Blood is central to an understanding of the Christ Impulse, but also requires a broad and deep understanding of Man and the role of the blood and heart. The section below offers links to various angles of perspective.

  1. a study of the blood, heart and brain
    1. the human blood
      1. what is meant with 'blood is a special fluid', and how is it an instrument, expression, or carrier of the I
      2. an alchemical evolutionary view on the mystery of the warmth of the blood is the 'Mystery of silver'
      3. afterwards we can go and look at what is meant with the 'Mystery of the heart'
      4. mingling of the blood through marriages
    2. the human heart
      1. the etheric heart as an astral recorder: the heart as union between cosmos & earthly realm, how do we have to understand the etheric and astral heart, not just the physical heart?
      2. the heart's two blood circuits [A2]
    3. the brain and sense-nerve system
      1. what is meant with the 'I-organization' in the human being (as his seven principles and three subsystems) [A1]
      2. what is meant with 'matter is destroyed in the brain'?
      3. the point between pineal and pituitary glands
  2. the relationship between the heart and the brain
    1. the Etherization of blood
    2. the 'damming up between heart and brain
    3. Between heart and brain
    4. what is the importance of the blood-nerve interface?


Lecture coverage and references

In 1911-02-18-GA69C, in a lecture called 'The essence of Christianity' (recommended), several phrasings point to the infusion through Christ's spiritual blood, whereby it is quite explicitly stated we have to do here with spiritual blood and not physical, and a process whereby it flows into the soul of Man: (freely rephrased non-official translation), for example:

This thought, that one is connected with Christ through a spiritual tie, just like a relative is tied to his forefathers through a blood tie, this thought is not a foundation for a Mysticism of Christianity, but rather it is a Christianity that we can denote as a Mystiucal Fact. .. what happened in Palestina some twothousand years ago are facts that can only be understood through Mysticism. Just like the blood relations through generations and heredity can be understood through natural science, so the nature of the Christ Impulse can only be understood through spiritual science or the wisdom of Mysticism. Through supersensory research we can understand, that the spiritual blood of Christ Jesus flows into the souls of those who find the way to him.

and also:

Christ can therefore state, even though he was only incarnated once, and looking at those into whom his spiritual blood can now flow into .. 'I am with you all days until the end or Erath cycles.

Wagner on MoG and the excess blood vs the purified blood

A key lecture to get to the deeper meaning of the blood at the MoG is in a lecture on Wagner on 1906-07-29-GA097. Regarding the purified blood (SWCC):

Now the overcoming of the blood had happened. The purely physical nature of the blood had been overcome by the spirit.

You can only understand what happened on Golgotha if you know blood to be composed not only of material elements. lt isremarkable that Richard Wagner was only able to find the sacred mood for his Parsifal because he knew that it was not only a matter of the Redeemer's death but of the blood which had been purified and was a little bit different from ordinary blood.

He spoke of the connection between the redeemer's blood and the whole of humanity:

"Having seen that the blood of what is known as the "white race" had a special capacity for conscious suffering and pain, we must now recognize the saviour's blood as the essence of suffering consciously willed, divine compassion that flows for the whole human race as its source and origin."

Richard Wagner also wrote:

"The blood in the redeemer's veins must thus have flowed forth as the result of the utmost endeavour of the will, a divine sublimate of the human race itself, to save that race which in its noblest parts was falling into decline."

It was because the redeemer had come from the greatest mix of nations that his blood was the sublimate of all human blood, human blood in its purified form. Richard Wagner approached the great original mystery in a way hardly anyone else had dared to do. ... He should not be taken for an ordinary musician but someone with profound insight who sought to recreate the deep secrets of the holy grail for modern humanity.

and continues:

The strange way in which Richard Wagner was writing his books can only be understood if one goes into the realities that were behind Wagner. He knew very well that the human will receives a very special illumination from the spirit. He wrote that initially the will was a crude, instinctive element, but it gradually came to be refined. The intellect casts its light on the will and the human being becomes aware of pain and suffering, and this leads to purification. Referring to the ideas of his friend the Comte de Grobineau he wrote:

"One cannot fail but realize the unity of the human race when reviewing its parts, and we are justified in saying that at its noblest it is the capacity of bearing pain and suffering in full awareness. In the light of this we ask where the outstanding nature of the white race lies, since we certainly must put it high above the others. With beautiful certainty, Gobineau perceives it to lie not in any exceptional development of its moral quality as such, but in a greater store of the fundamental characteristics from which those qualities arise. It would have to be sought in the fiercer yet also more delicate sensitivity of the will which reveals itself in a rich organization, in conjunction with the more astute intellect this requires; it will then be a matter of whether the intellect, under the impulses of a will that has great need, advances to clairvoyance, casting its own light back on to the will, and in this rase subjugate it to become moral drive."

Richard Wagner was here speaking of the actual process in which the intellect casts its reflection on the will, and the human being becomes clairvoyant in the process.

So when Man suffers for a cause, it is an act of will to consciously bear pain and suffering in full awareness.

Here that key section 1906-07-29-GA097 is again in a different translation

As long as we regard blood merely as a substance that is built up of various chemical component parts, we cannot understand what took place on Golgotha.

How was it that Wagner was able to find the right mood for his Parsifal?

It is most important for us to recognize that Wagner was able to do this because he knew that what happened on Golgotha had especially to do with the blood, he knew that we had to see there not only the death of the Saviour but we had to see what took place there with the blood, how the blood was purified on Golgotha and became something quite different from ordinary blood.

Wagner has spoken of the connection of the Saviour's blood with the whole of mankind. In his book “Paganism and Christianity” we read these words:

“Having found that the capacity for conscious suffering is a capacity peculiar to the blood of the so-called white race, we must now go on to recognize in the blood of the Saviour the very epitome, as it were, of voluntary conscious suffering that pours itself out as divine compassion for the whole human race.”

And in another place Wagner says:

“Because His will to save was so tremendously strong, the blood in the wine of the Saviour was able to be poured out for the redemption of all mankind when even the noblest races among men were falling into decay — poured out for their salvation, as divine sublimation, the blood that is associated with family or species.”

The Saviour having come from a mingling of many different peoples, His blood was the symbol of compassion and blood in purified form.

Hardly has anyone even come so near to this mystery as Wagner did.

In 1907-06-27-GA100 the significance of the blood at MoG is explained by presenting Wagner's intuition:

Among modern men, Richard Wagner alone had an inkling of the significance of the blood, ... I have already explained to you that

  • man's glandular processes are an expression of the etheric body;
  • his nervous processes an expression of the astral body, and
  • the blood an expression of the Ego.

I have shown you that if Christ had not appeared, [then] the development of the blood would have led to a greater form of egoism; the Ego would more and more have increased man's selfishness and egoism.

The unnecessary blood, man's excess of blood, had to flow out, had to be sacrificed, so that humanity might not completely lose itself in selfishness. The true mystic sees in the blood which flowed out of the Savior's wounds the surplus blood which had to flow out in order that a soul-spiritual brother love might take hold of the whole of mankind.

This is how the spiritual scientist looks upon the blood which streamed down from the Cross; the blood which had to be taken away from humanity in, order that man might rise above material things. The love which was linked by blood ties was therefore replaced by a love which will fully develop in the future; by a love going from one human being to the other.

Only in this light is it possible to understand the words of Christ Jesus:

“He that forsaketh not father, mother, brother, sister, wife and child, cannot become my disciple.”

Mingling of the blood through marriage relations

1908-05-20-GA103 positions Blood relationships versus the new Christ buddhi impulse

Then Christ-Jesus came and said to his nearest, most intimate initiates: Hitherto, mankind has judged only according to the flesh, according to blood-relationship. Through this blood-relationship, men have been conscious of reposing within a higher invisible union. But you should believe in a still higher spiritual relationship, in one that reaches beyond the blood-tie. You should believe in a spiritual Father-substance in which the I is rooted, and which is more spiritual than the substance which as a group-soul binds the Jewish people together. You should believe in what reposes within me and within every human being, in what is not only one with Abraham, but one with the very divine foundation of the world. Therefore Christ-Jesus, according to the Gospel of St. John, emphasizes the words: “Before Father Abraham was, was the I AM!” My primal I mounts not only to the Father-Principle that reaches back to Abraham, but my I is one with all that pulses through the entire cosmos, and to this my spiritual nature soars aloft. I and the Father are one!

These are important words which one should experience; then will one feel the forward bound made by mankind, a bound which advanced human evolution further in consequence of that impulse given by the advent of the Christ. The Christ was the mighty quickener of the “I AM.”

Now, let us try to hear a little of what His most intimate initiates said, how they expressed what had been revealed to them. They said: Heretofore, no individual physical human being has ever existed to whom this name of “I AM” could be applied; He was the first to bring to the world the “I AM” in its full significance. Therefore, they named Christ-Jesus the “I AM.” That was the name in which the closest initiates felt themselves united, the name which they understood, the name “I AM.” We must in this way delve deeply into the most significant chapters of the Gospel of St. John. If we take that chapter where we find the words: “I am the Light of the world,” we must interpret them literally, quite literally.

1909-07-05-GA112 uses the 'loss of capital' metaphor to sketch how humanity lost the ancient wisdom contained in the blood

Now what was the outer sign expressing this phase of evolution?

It was the transformation which humanity experienced in the nature of its blood. In early times, as we know, ‘near’ (consanguineous) marriage was the rule. Marriage was contracted within the kindred stock. But in time, the consanguineous tie was replaced to an increasing extent by marriage with strangers. Foreign blood became mixed with foreign blood and the heritage of ancient times became ever scantier.


We are now of course still involved in this process of blood deterioration, for, having begun in ancient times, it will slowly pursue its course until the end of earth evolution. For this reason an impulse was needed in humanity to repair the evil wrought by this deterioration of the blood. Adherence to the principle of blood relationship could not but lead men into error and misery, as the old sages tell us in their myths and legends.

Purification of the blood

1909-03-30-GA111 (free translation):

In Man the red blood flows as carrier of sufferings and passions, in the plant the chaste green juice moves, the Chlorophyll knows no suffering. Just live this thought. Imagine the ideal for humanity's future, when Man will have worked on himself so his blood will become so pure and chaste as the juice of the plant. As a symbol of this transformation we can use the rose, green below and transforming into read above without compromising on purity or chastity.


All suffering must be overcome and the red blood has to become pure again. The rosecrucian symbol shows this: the black cross of death and the seven roses as signs of the higher being and becoming


.. in Jesus the blood was again become so pure, that after a legend, when the blood was flowing from the five wounds, bees landed on the side of the wounds to suck the blood because it had become so pure that honey could be made from it, just like from the pure blossoms of the plant.


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References and further reading

Internal project notes and references - OLD DRAFT

1911-02-18-GA069C p 174: Hence Christ can say, even when he only incarnated once, to all into whom his spiritual blood can flow .. I will be with you all days untçil the end of earth cycles

This study module is one of the most demanding of the first seven modules, yet is it also an essential 'eye-opening' module. We are to build an imagination of what the Mystery of Golgotha means for Man and the human (sevenfold) body, and build some kind of understanding of how the Christ Impulse functions 'technically', from a spiritual scientific point of view.

Preparatory study

This module is fundamental for our overall understanding of the Christ Impulse, yet it is also the most encompassing and requires the reader to be familiar with a multitude of perspectives that will be required as they need to come together.

General introduction

  1. the spectrum of elements and ethers
  2. how the mineral kingdom is made up from the two etheric streams, and how these streams flow in Man's body. See1921-04-12-GA313.

  1. the 'blinders' topic, the fact that the Luciferic influences blocked chemical and life ethers, and the Christ Impulse brings these back to Earth.
  2. the above points relate to the mineral body and the bones of Jesus' body. See 1914-07-16-GA155 that builds on 1909-09-21-GA114.

Mystery of Golgotha

With the above, we can then focus on where we need to be:

  1. the meaning of the purified blood of Christ-Jesus
  2. the etherization of blood
  3. how the MoG (higher ethers) bring life to this process

the secret of Golgotha lives between the heart and the lungs in each human being, in a very human, organ-related sense.keywords: special fluid, purified, etherization, link with higher ethers

Preamble - preparatory study 1

With this we can then relate the Christ impulse as etheric forces:

  • relate Buddhi to the chemical and life ethers streaming in with the Christ Impulse
    • life spirit christ entered into bones of Jesus at the baptism 1908-08-14-GA105
    • these young, fertile forces of the Christ Impulse... what are they? 1914-02-10-GA148 (link below)

short temporary placeholder statement:

Blood is not just a mineral-material fluid, it carries the higher ethers. In the heart, blood continuously dissolves into an ether with an upward stream to the pineal gland. Because of the Christ Impulse, the ether body of the Earth is also permeated with the higher ether which streams forth from the earth. These two streams can go into resonance when Man 'connects with' the MoG.

The blood of Christ was more than just a mineral fluid, as we think in our materialistic worldview, we have to consider the etherized blood that can and will ultimately purify the human blood from the excessive egoism.

Proposed lectures to start study on this theme: first study these four lectures as a foundation to initialize your frame of study

  • 1911-10-01-GA130 - [B] - etherization blood
  • 1922-05-26-GA212 - [C] - human heart
  • maybe to be added here are the two circulations and how they relate, as a separate topic

and, after studying these four essential building blocks, I propose to study each in a bit more depth:

Regarding [C] - having covered the blood streams in [A], within the rhythmic system we can now [C1] link the heart to the breath and lungs. We do so motivated by the quote (see Selg)

"The Christ mystery is the revelation of the great miracle that takes place between the heart and the lungs. ... the secret of Golgotha lives between the heart and the lungs in each human being, in a very human, organ-related sense."

Now as is also covered in (6), the blood that flowed on Golgotha was not as much blood, as that we have to consider the ether substance, and specifically the higher ethers; see eg:


Two types of ether forces
Something else is revealed as well, namely, two different kinds of properties, or forces, in the now dissolving ether-body'.. '

Young fertile forces of Christ impulse are?
These young, fertile forces of the Christ Impulse... what are they?Of one aspect I have spoken many times, namely, of the part played by the blood in the physical body of Christ Jesus. The blood is, of course, one of the physical components of the body, and in the case of an ordinary human being it dissolves away at death in the physical Elements. This did not happen to that part of the blood in the body of Christ Jesus which flowed from the wounds on Golgotha. This blood was ‘etherised’, was actually taken up into the etheric forces of the Earth. The blood that flowed from the wounds on Golgotha became Ether-Substance. And perceiving this Ether-Substance gleaming and glistening in the ether-body after death, man knows it to be the young, fertile life by which he is borne onwards into the future.


Christ-Jesus's physical body is the Nathan-Jesus in which the pure ether body of the sister soul of Adam incarnated. The astral body came from the Nirmanakya Buddha (at birth).The "I" of the Nathan Jesus child was a pre-fall I-germ, then united with the Zarathustra ego from the Solomon Jesus child (temple at age 12), and replaced at the Baptism by Christ (as the Zarathustra I left the body of Jesus).

So the being of Christ-Jesus had a unique "I", based on the pure pre-fall consitutation first, and then the Christ "I" afterwards. The Zarathustra-I lived in Jesus from age 12 to 30. We can contemplate the hypothesis that in the three years Christ lived in the physical body, the Christ entity must have purified the constitution for as far as that was still required, but that the body of Jesus was not just a regular body.
We hear Christ had become fully human, the physical body was totally weakened and allmost falling apart.

further study topic: and example of how linking lecture references in a context of understanding can make new insights emerge.

In the 1920-05-16-GA201 lecture is explained how the MoG transforms this process into enlivened embodied pictures with inner reality for the life to come.

Now the context of the Christ Impulse of the higher ether linked to the etherization of blood, with this context the 1911-03-23-GA128 studied above, can be the door-opener lecture in this matter, if we also consider the 'destruction of matter in the head' mentioned in the GA201 lecture.