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The human physical body is a purely spiritual body (called the 'phantom'), but current Man has this physical body consisting of substance. This is a result of the Luciferic and Ahrimanic influences.


  • evolutionary: formation on Old Saturn, and adapted in many evolutionary stages to accomodate the other bodily principles
  • zodiac man - forming of physical body through zodiac signs (Schema FMC00.257 and Schema FMC00.256).
  • the spiritual physical body
  • physiognomy (and link with karma)
  • contemporary mineral science and it's treatment of health and disease: focus on physical body only, disregarding the other Man's bodily principles
  • If Man spiritualizes his lower bodies including the physical body and achieves full elemental balance, Man can make himself invisible. See IIH.


Schema FMC00.257 shows how current threefold Man, that rises upright on Earth, gets form and life from three groups of zodiacal influences and three groups of planetary influences. Starting left, the embryo is formed in the womb, and the baby then rises upright (second drawing) as Man did in the Lemurian epoch. See more on Man as a threefold being


Schema FMC00.127 illustrates the concept of 'zodiac Man', the fact that the various parts of the human body are an expression of the formative influences of the zodiac signs.


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What is called the physical body had its first foundations during the very earliest Old Saturn formation. That physical body was not as yet interpenetrated by an etheric body, or by an astral body; but was already so organised that after passing through all the transformations it experienced later, it could become the bearer of the spiritual earth-man of today.

Very slowly and gradually was this physical body organised during the Old Saturn evolution, and whilst ancient Saturn itself was being formed, the different signs of the Zodiac slowly revolved, and the human body member by member, took on its earliest form.

  • When Saturn stood under the sign of the Lion the beginning of the heart was formed;
  • the ribs or the thoracic cage were started while Saturn was under the sign of the Crab;
  • the foundation of the symmetrical shape of man, that is the reason for his being symmetrically built on two sides, arose while Saturn was under the constellation of Gemini.
  • Thus we follow piece by piece the formation of the human body, and when we look up to that part of the Zodiac, where Aries the Ram is, we can say: The upper part of our head originated when ancient Saturn stood under the sign of Aries;
  • the foundation of our organ of speech, when Saturn stood under the sign of the Bull.

And when you think of man distributed thus, you can see in the Zodiacal circle the creative forces for each of the human organs.

1912-06-07-GA137 maps the members of Man to the zodiac signs

1921-10-28-GA208 discusses the forming of Man through twelve zodiacal cosmic influences

1921-10-29-GA208 describes how Man breathes in images through these influences, not just Man's outer form but also the form of the organs.

The life of circulation is in touch with the life of metabolism, with the result that the images are given physical substance and physical organs develop.


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