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In few areas does the spiritual scientific worldview provide such a dramatically different and impactful way to look at the human being and impact lives and physical health.

Whereas 'mineral science' considers man as a purely mineral or material, physical being, the reality is that Man is really much more complex, consisting of four bodily principles and three functional subsystems. Furthermore, considering not just material processes but alchemical processes in which the full spectrum of elements and higher ethers is at work.

Illnesses arise due to the misalignment and unbalance between these. Such 'issues' at a higher level such as the 'I' then ripples through the lower bodies and find expression in the astral body, etheric or physical body. Contemporary traditional science' strength lies in the mineral side of medicine, correcting bone fractures etc. For most other areas the framework from which Man is studied does not allow true diagnosis to root cause, nor healing. In many ways therefore traditional science does not know, refers to genetic reasons, problems with the immune systems, etc. Treatments focus on symptoms rather than root causes.


  • what is illness
  • different types of illnesses
  • healing: principles of treatment
  • different types of treatment


Lecture coverage and references

Main courses

The following contains a base course of 82 lectures. It is supplemented with additional lectures and 'Extending practical medicine' (see references below)

  • 1920-GA312 - Spiritual science and medicine [20]
  • 1920-GA314 - Physiology and Therapeutics [4]
  • 1921-04-GA313 - Second Course for Doctors and Medical Students [9]
  • 1922-10-GA314 - Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine [4]
  • 1922-GA348 - Health and illness: Q&A with workmen of first Goetheanum [9]
  • 1924-GA316 - Course for young doctors [14] incl 1920-12 bridge lectures [3]
  • 1924-09-GA318 - Pastoral Medicine [11]

as well as: 20 extra lectures on other aspects:

  • 1921-04-GA315 - Curative Eurythmy [8]
  • 1924-GA317 - Curative education [12] focusing on treatment of children “in need of special care”. This includes retarded and handicapped and cases such as: epilepsy, hydrocephalus, infantilism, adenoids, kleptomania, the autistic child, etc.


1922-10-19-GA348 and 1922-10-24-GA348 discuss illnessess also at different periods of life

1922-12-27-GA348 influence, hay fever, mental illness 1922-12-30-GA348

1923-01-20-GA348 diphteria and influenza

1923-01-27-GA348 jaundice, smallpox, rabies

1923-02-03-GA348: haemophilia

Karmic Illness

Methods of healing

See more: Healing with plants, Healing with metals, Homeopathy, Curative Eurythmy

1923-02-17-GA349 and discusses the success rate of various types reatments and difficulties that follow from slogans or only a single type of treatment method

.. it is not possible to cure all illnesses homeopathically, some have to be treated alloapthically .. the allopath addresses himself above all to the stomach, intestines, kidneys; there he gets his results, the homeopath gives effective treatment if the sicknesses have their point of origin in the head, as in the case of influenza. Many sicknesses have their origin in the head

1923-02-21-GA349 talks about sickness and health in relation to colours


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References and further reading

  • Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman: 'Extending practical medicine' (1925)