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The two main principles of homeopathy are:

  • treat like with like
  • use of potentized substances, that principle is explained on potentization page.

General 'popular' statement

The below was written for the wikipedia talk page, where homeopathy and the etheric formative forces are regarded as 'pseudo-science'. More positioning about this on the page.

Homeopathy is not a treatment than can be fitted in, or judged by, the current physical and medical science, because the underlying contemporary scientific framework is focusing solely on physical matter and its laws. This corresponds to what the greeks would have called ‘earth’, meaning the mineral kingdom. What the greeks meant with the other elements (water, air, fire) are other dimensions of our reality where other laws apply, and they referred to the etheric life forces in nature, such as we find them in the plant kingdom (but also in Man) as ‘water’. The element names do not refer to the physical components such as water or earth.

The above means: there is a wholly different physics for the etheric, than the one that applies to and is successfully used for mastering physical matter. Put differently, the physical laws underlying growth in the plant kingdom are NOT the same as what is covered by physical science thusfar (a.i. gravitation, thermodynamics, electromagnetics, quantum physics ..). Implying also a different paradigm for medicine.

Homeopathy is based on these etheric formative forces, something contemporary science ignores or places out of scope by saying it does not exist. So of course a conflict arises, as any belief system sets up blinders – or develops a dead angle - as it tries to focus, justify itself and protect its foundations. The fact that ‘mainstream’ believes something, does not mean that is necessarily the only truth. You don’t know what you don’t know.

This conflict of different perspectives can not be resolved. Wikipedia policy is to only reflect mainstream. As we are on this site, that needs to be respected. That being said, if we may share a personal opinion, maybe a certain nuance would probably be appropriate attitude-wise, given the history of science (remember all those who were burned or whose books were put on the codex because they were right a few hundred years before ‘mainstream’ found out). The difficulty faced here is obvious: where to draw the line, who decides when something is to be given the status of trustworthy.

The etheric formative forces have been positioned and explained by spiritual science, and there are various experimental domains that have ‘proven’ their effects for over a century (se below). However the mainstream (=materialistically focused) scientific majority of 'mineral science' scopes this out; so a minority is pursuing this research, pioneering the next area and future of physics slowly and against the stream. It has never been different.

As this is a new and developing area of a type of new physics, a decent background reading and study is required as no established body of knowledge is available. However one can start by reading Ernst Marti (two books), Olive Whicher (two books), Nick Thomas (two books), Iwer Thor Lorenzen (one book), Gunther Wachsmuth (two books). For mathematical foundations see non-euclidean geometry, specifically projective geometry and the concept of counterspace from for example George Adams Kaufmann and/or Louis Locher-Ernst. Experimental work has been done by Lily Kolisko, Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, Lawrence Edwards, and many others. Water research was done by a.o. Theodor Schwenk and Victor Schauberger. Note also biodynamic agriculture is based on this, as was Goethe’s theory of plant metamorphosis. Foundational spiritual scientific knowledge has been provided by a.o. Rudolf Steiner (see collected works 1902-1924), but also here many others.

Three more short notes to conclude:

  • The key to homeopathy are not the molecules of matter, but the dynamic potentization process.
  • People will always have data to prove right or wrong, whatever they want to prove and show
  • The etheric formative forces, are also what has been called Chi, Prana, or Reichenbach’s Od.

A short word on potentization

Potentization is a way to awaken the spiritual influences in matter, by applying a process of dilution and dynamization. Matter has passed through a process in various stages in which the spiritual seed gets a form and clothes itself as it solidifies down to physical matter. With potentization, matter gets processed back into those higher states. This enables different faculties or spiritual influences with which it can work, eg on the human body with homeopathy.


Homeopathy will never be accepted by mineral science and government health care stakeholders (and established pharmaceuticals industry lobby), unless it is informed and openly accepts the etheric formative forces, and hence a broader scientific framework.

See the worldview wars page for more background. The most known case in the case of homeopathy was Jacques Benveniste (1935-2004) who found the same potentization curve results as dozens of other people before, but dared to publish it in Nature. See also reference [1] on the Potentization page for info on what really happened.

Many books and articles are written from both sides, for example:

  • Das Hochpotenzproblem (Heinz Schoeler 1950 and 1971) in Allgemeine Homöopathische Zeitung
  • Michel Schiff: 'The Memory of Water: Homoeopathy and the Battle of Ideas in the New Science Paperback' (1998)
  • just as an illustration (plenty of such examples), a recent article about the war between skeptics and homeopaths (2019, in DE)

Lecture coverage and references


The possibility of these high attenuations has been shown by the work of Frau Dr. Kolisko. At our Biological Institute in Stuttgart the attempt has been made to put this on an exact footing. It has been possible to make dilutions of substances up to one part in a trillion, and in fact to establish precisely the effects which such high dilutions of particular substances can have. Hitherto, in homoeopathy, this has been merely a matter of belief; now it has been raised to the level of exact science. The graphs which have been drawn leave no doubt to-day that the effects of the smallest particles follow a rhythmical course. I will not go into details; the work has been published and these findings can now be verified. Here I wish to point out only that even in the earthly realm the effects of enormous dilutions must be reckoned with.

Also covered in: 1923-02-17-GA349 see Medicine for quote, stating homeopathy gives effective treatment for sicknesses that have their origin in the head (as opposed to illnesses of the metabolic system as treated by allopaths).


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References and further reading

  • Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843): 'Organon of the Medical Art' (published in 1810, in English use the 1996 translation by Steven Decker)
  • Heinz Herbert Schöffler: 'Homöopathie'
  • Ernst Marti: The Etheric: Broadening Science through Anthroposophy: Volume 2: The World of Formative Forces (2018)
    • Marti's book has a chapter that elaborates on the workings of homeopathy based on many references from Hahnemann and Rudolf Steiner's lectures.

More literature references in the same section of the Potentization page