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The continents of the third Lemurian epoch and the fourth Atlantean epoch were destroyed, and at each occasion a new continent appeared as the start of a new epoch and 'root race'.

Regarding the transition between fourth and fifth epochs:

  • The ice ages and flood were not a 'one off' disruptive event, but spanned a long period, see eg FMC00.214B and FMC00.214C on Atlantean epoch for maps on how this changed the face of the Earth. For perspective, see also Schema FMC00.263 on Zodiac clock.
  • Migrations already started in the fifth age of that epoch, see Schema FMC00.205 on the Atlantean epoch. This was the basis 'sample' for the next epoch, see Schema FMC00.169A on Overlapping evolutionary periods.

The transition towards the sixth epoch can be timed to start in the next sixth cultural age, but a forebode will already be the cleaning in the Future Oriphiel age of the current fifth cultural age.

Whereas Lemuria submerged due to fire, and Atlantis due to water, the current Postatlantean epoch will be destroyed through the so-called 'War of all against all'. See also the Discussion on Nostradamus


Schema FMC00.239 shows the archangelic rulers of approx 354 periods for the current cultural age (plus and minus a cultural age). See also Spiritual hierarchies and their eigenperiods for more info on the 354 period. Rudolf Steiner uses this period to describe the nature of current Michael age and the Future Oriphiel age.


Lecture coverage and references

Beinsa Douno

on the great global quake (taken from 'The second coming', published 2013) (SWCC)

Note: not necessarily but potentially related, see also Three days of darkness which also talks about "The finger of God is tapping the globe". A strong electromagnetic wave of solar wind could have a huge impact on mankind that has become totally dependent on computing infrastructure and systems based on electromagnetism for its societal functioning.

[the Sun at the basis for major changes on Earth, see also 1910-12-31-GA126 below on the impact of the SoF and the previous ice age]

.. a new age is beginning on Earth, of which modern spiritual science says that a new wave is coming from the Sun. This wave affects human minds.

They say such a large spot will appear on the Sun, that it will be visible with unarmed eye. That spot will cause a great magnetic wave, which will shake the Earth. That wave is coming to do well. The strike will be felt everywhere as a new impulse. This wave is alive, intelligent, it will change people's lives.

It depends on the angle it hits the Earth.

  • If the strike comes in a right angle, the Earth will bounce, without being affected.
  • If the strike comes at a different angle, a sharp angle, the Earth will be slightly affected. This will be like a massage for it, without causing any calamities.

One day such an earthquake will come, that the Earth will jump up one meter.

I say to all today's people not to build high buildings, because Earth's crust will undergo great bending and nothing will remain of those residences. The houses, which will be built in the future should only be a of one and a half floors, and not very solid, because otherwise they will be broken.

The great global quake which will put an end to God's Wrath, will last 45 days. An earthquake is coming to Europe, which will start from the north, it will shake all Europe in such a way, that it will be remembered for thousands of years.

There's an explanation of the reason for that earthquake. The Old Testament says: "Beware that your deeds and thoughts don't become so bad, that the Earth can't stand you anymore".

Several quakes will come, each of them more terrible than the other, everybody should pray and escape out of town before the earthquake. Some distress must fall upon Europe in order to make people think.

These things have been foreseen, foretold a thousand years ago. The Earth is transforming and that is why distress will come, which are years of trials. The believers, when they see these things, should know that the day of their salvation is near.

If people cannot adopt Christ in another way, then punishment will come upon them, such that the world has never seen. Let me quote the Scripture: "They will say to the mountains: "Fall upon us!" And to the dead they will say: "Come out, you dead, so that we, the living, may come in".

The Sun directs the transformation of the Earth, which place should go up, and which place should sink.

This Earth will be transformed, this current world will sink, new continents will be created and there will be new air.

  • Through the earthquakes a part of the Mediterranean will sink, as well as its shores. Today Macedonia and the Aegean Region are already sinking gradually. The Mediterranean Sea will merge with the Caspian Sea.
  • The Balkan Peninsula will gradually sink. The Mediterranean will get close to the Rhodopa mountains and therefore it is useless for Bulgaria to fight for egress on the Aegean Sea, it will come on its own. Some sea-side towns and cities will be submerged. An inner city will become a port.
  • The Mediterranean used to be land, which then sank under the sea, and Bulgaria used to be a sea. There, at the Mediterranean Sea, Greece, the lower places will be under the sea. The lower places in Western Europe, will be under the sea. And the Bulgarian then will not wear a fur cap, the Englishman won't be an Englishman anymore.
  • In Asia a lot of large lakes will be formed.

All the mountains on the Balkan Peninsula are lowering, and after several thousand years they will become valleys, fields. Where the current fields are, new mountains will appear. In other words: the soil, which was under water, will get above the water and become fields for cultivation, and the soil, which was above water, will go under water.

Then the human lives will be improved. And the Scripture says: "The mountains will be made low", i.e. the unfavorable living conditions will become favorable.

The great French visionary Nostradamus says that England and Italy will be submerged.

An earthquake is coming, and if it comes, it is supposed that the Baltic Sea will connect to the Mediterranean Sea. This earthquake will cause a great sinking of the soil. These are transformations. A new continent is being built in the Great Ocean — a new continent is needed for each race.

That continent will be covered with the best springs and it will have mountainous relief. For a mounting to be raise several thousand meters, what pressure is needed by some forces! Wouldn't that affect Europe and Asia? The Scripture says: "The Earth will shake like a drunk man".

Parts of France, Belgium, Greece will be submerged. Sahara will be flooded — it will become a sea, around which cultures will evolve. The climatic conditions will change.

The magnetic wave that is coming, can burn the entire crust of the Earth. The spiritual people will immediately adjust to the new conditions, and the worldly people and the materialists will wander, will run around the Earth, and won't be able to find rest.

Now Sahara is one of the bad places for living, but one day it can be flooded by the Mediterranean and become a good place. The Europeans will be able to live at the outskirts of Africa.

Everything changes, for example the frozen Siberia has a future, because the climate there will get warmer.

The northern countries are going southwards, there it will get warmer from day to day, the climate will change. And when that happens to a sufficient degree, the fruits will also be very good. The borders of chill will move further to the north. If heat comes suddenly, a catastrophe will happen, due to the rapid melting of the ice, located at the North Pole and thus the warming of the climate in Europe will take place gradually. Earth's axis will also be changed. The world will pass through great screening, it will pass through fire. The world is now in destiny. This is a century, dedicated to the binding of evil and liberating good.

The whole Europe is shifting towards the equator and after several thousand years Bulgaria will be there. Everything will change, man will be purified, what is unnecessary will vanish and one day, when you come, if you are told that you are in a form or position as the current ones, you'll be offended.

Europe is moving towards the Equator and this results in sifts, earthquakes. All people are extremely afraid of earthquakes, because they have been scared thousands of times so far. Another reason for the earthquake is the constant ascending of the bottom of the Great Ocean, where a new continent is being formed for the sixth race.

Now a transformation of Earth's matter is taking place. Immense magnetic flows come from the Sun, which lift continents and tone them. This Earth is sinful, full of filth, it has to be purged.

Only the great forests of America, where no human has ever set his foot, will remain.

  • Africa is a part of a large continent, which was submerged. Black magic is a culture of that black race, which was submerged, because of its sins. These are the Lemurians.
  • Atlantis is of the yellow race.
  • Now is the time of the white race, the fifth, and it will be submerged as well, to make room for the sixth race.

The Atlanteans were a race of feelings, and the white race is a race of intellect. An entire continent will be submerged so the world is saved.

An enormous continent will come out of the Great Ocean, and the current Europe will remain as an island — the island of the white.

The Great Ocean is preparing for a future culture. You will be transferred to the new continent, which will raise in the Great Ocean. Some lands will be submerged.

You must be interested in the oceans, because they provide opportunities, conditions for your development. They are the virgin soil, which is being prepared for the future culture. The water of the Great Ocean, for example, will flood some of the modern day continents, and a large part of the people, now living on Earth will move to its ground.

"Is it possible that the Lord moves us from Europe to the ground of the Great Ocean, in a completely new environment?"

There is nothing impossible in that. As you have left Heaven and came down on Earth, thus you will emigrate from Europe. This is nothing but migration. Once you were in Heaven, had joyful time with the Son's of God, but after that you left Heaven and started wandering. Once people lived in the Promised Land, but then they left it and have been wandering for a thousand years. So people have come out of an enormous earth into the cosmos and have come to the Earth to work and study.

There will be a new race of people, not like the current ones, but when you look at them, they will be illuminated.

Those, who will inhabit the new continent, will be of the sixth race. Then a part of the mammals will be incarnated as humans on the Earth, they have stopped in one place and will once again commence their development. In these conditions, the monkeys, which are vegetarian and have stayed to live in the forests, when the time comes to incarnate as people, will start over their development — then they will have the necessary conditions to be elevated. If they enter among the current race, they will learn to eat meat; today they lose physically but preserve themselves spiritually.

The great spiritual warm wave that is coming to this world, breaks ice and turns it into water. After a thousand of years not only people will change, but wolves will also stop eating sheep. They will be disgusted with meat and will only use vegetal food.

The new continent, which will arise from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, will be the continent of the sixth race. Siberia will connect to the new continent and form an integral part thereof.


Note [1] - Climatological changes and the end of the fifh epoch

Epochs op evolution are concluded with a major catastrophe for humanity whereby the face of the Earth changes and the continents are redrawn. The past continents where the cultures of the Lemurian epoch and Atlantean epoch were predominantly based, or centered, disappeared from the Earth.

This hangs together with the influence of the Spirits of Form, as explained by Rudolf Steiner in o.a. 1910-12-31-GA126 (see quote coverage on Atlantean epoch, in the context of the ice age and catastrophe that ended the Atlantean epoch). It was further explored by Elisabeth Vreede And Gunther Wachsmuth how this is related by certain zodiacal influences that change in time due the procession of the equinoxes- see also on Zodiac clock (eg Schema FMC00.263)

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References and further reading

  • Karl Brandler-Pracht: 'Die Sintflut kommt wieder! Ein Nachweis der Wiederkehr der grossen Weltkatastrophe auf Grund astronomisch-geologischer Feststellungen (1920)