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During life on earth during birth and death, Man has 'three meetings' on a daily and yearly basis, and once in a lifetime.

  • on a daily basis: every night the 'I' has a meeting with your personal angel (a.k.a. genius or guardian angel)
  • every year, around the Christmas period, there is a connection of the higher astral body (life spirit) with the Christ (represented through an archangelic being as an entry point). This shows again the importance of the yearly rhythm and the Christmas period.
  • and once in a life, usually around middle of life, there is one 'meeting with the father', connecting Man's embryonal spirit man with a connection at archai level

These three meetings with the Third Hierarchy (H3) of angel, archangel, archai provides a sort of cyclic traction. As an image metaphor imagine wheels in a gearbox with recurring touchpoints at regular intervals. One can feel the relationship with life after death when Man has to connect into H3 with his individuality - see FMC00.023B below. More info on Structure of Man between death and a new birth

This has to be seen in perspective that H3 lives in Man's soul activities, see Man and the spiritual hierarchies.


Schema FMC00.023 provides a concise overview summary of the GA175 lectures:

Schema FMC00.023B puts this in perspective, by connecting it to how Man finds a connection with the third hierarchy (H3) after death.

As a metaphoric image, we can see these touchpoints like the connection points of the tooths of gears that give a certain traction at regular intervals, because these connection points indeed give us traction on the development of our higher self with the 'stakeholders' beings of the third hierarchy, that we will also meet after death. See also Structure of Man between death and a new birth

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