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Man's life on earth is characterized by various rhythms and patterns (eg seven years, eighteen years, ..).

Biography work consists in looking at a person's life and how that unfolds on various fronts, and trying to read patterns into it.

This relates to:

  • karmic study work, as per karma exercises described by Rudolf Steiner in the Karmic Relationship lectures
  • astrological and astrosophical work, a.i. the study of one's or a person natal birth chart and/or death chart.

The personalities covered by Rudolf Steiner in the Karmic Relationship lectures have been subject of biographical case studies, see Karma research case studies.

Lecture coverage and references

Rudolf Steiner lectures from the book 'Biography':






1918-01-08, 1918-01-11 and 1918-01-12

1921-06-17 and 1921-06-18



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