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Biography work is a retrospective process that consists in looking at one's life and how it has unfolded on various fronts, and trying to discern meaning and patterns into it. This implies taking a step back and contemplating the highs and lows that one has lived, to gain a deeper understanding of one's life lessons and journey.

The process may include elements such as:

  • karmic study work, as per karma exercises described by Rudolf Steiner in the Karmic Relationship lectures
    • relationships, both new people that enter one's life, and others that move to the background or dissappear
    • life hardships such as illness and losses
  • astrological and astrosophical work, a.i. the study of one's natal birth chart (incl elements, progressions)
    • if done for another person and not oneself, this may include the person's death chart


  • The personalities covered by Rudolf Steiner in the Karmic Relationship lectures have been subject of biographical case studies, see Karma research case studies and the references to a.o. Wolfgang Schuchhardt and Norbert Glas.

Inspirational quotes


The unexamined life is not worth living


FMC00.237 depicts Life Chart diagram diagram by George O'Neill based on Steiner's lecture of 1924-08-16-GA311 (by Florin Lowndes, see publication under references for an excellent book). This diagram is often used and appears in many books for personal biography work.


Lecture coverage and references

Rudolf Steiner lectures from the book 'Biography':






1918-01-08, 1918-01-11 and 1918-01-12

1921-06-17 and 1921-06-18



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see also: Man's life development#References and further reading

Specific examples

  • Fred Poeppig: 'Abenteuer meines Lebens: Versuch einer Lebensrückschau aus karmischer Sicht' (1975)
  • Herbert Hahn: 'Der Weg, der mich führte. Lebenserinnerungen.' (1969)
  • see the many biographies on the Indivividualities mentioned in the Karmic Relationship courses, see Karma research case studies