Man's life development

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This section will include:


  • development of the Embryo in the womb before birth
  • growing up - developing the human faculties of: Walking Speaking Thinking (WST)
  • Yearly rhythm, see temporarily:
  • Seven year rhythm or phases of 7 years (and the link with the spiritual hierarchies)
  • Eighteen year rhythm or phases of 18 years, also called the lunar nodes (and the link with the moon's nutation)
  • Biography work
  • "during the first half of life a man is unable to acquire self-knowledge through his original being; he has to acquire it through Lucifer, while his original being goes on developing further. The Luciferic infuses him with self-knowledge during the first half of life; in the second half of life this brilliant self-knowledge is clouded over by Ahriman." (1918-10-05-GA184)


Lecture coverage and references


Other topics to be considered:

  • the language of astrology
  • life transitions and karma

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