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  • Parsifal - Lohengrin
  • Nibelungenlied - Siegfried & Brunhilde
  • Siegfried Saga
  • Green snake and beautiful lily
  • Faust
  • German fest-spiele Schroer Christmas plays - Oberuferer Weihnachtsspiele
  • [Odin and Mimir, Odin's justice]
  • Wotan, Thor and Tyr and the fight with the fire god Loki and his following Fenriswolf, ...
  • Twilight of the Gods: Loki ('s children, punishment) - Hodur and (the death of) Baldur - [Ragnarok]
  • Walthari-song
  • [Thor and Thialfi, Thor and Thrym, Thor and Hymir, Thor and Geirod, Thor and the giants]
  • [story of Frithiof, story of Kvasir], story of Idun, story of Sif's hair, the making of Miolnir]


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1905-12-10-GA90B – Aubout German mythology


The difference between the Germanic and the biblical story of creation. The first does not know any luciferic temptation, indicates thus that in the Germanic current of peoples something is living (man/woman created by the threefold godhead Wotan, Wili, and Ve from an ash and an elm) what is shown by the tree of life in the Bible. As life (without knowledge) this current of peoples constitutes the substance of West-European and South-European nations, which are partially covered by the dying down Latin culture representing the last rest of oriental (luciferic) wisdom.

Wotan, Wili, and Ve are the soul qualities, which are then living in the folk-souls of Italy

(Wotan), France (Wili), and England (Ve)

Nibelungenlied - Siegfried & Brunhilde


Sigried Saga






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