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Sharing early thoughts

The idea and the name

The 'Free Man Creator school' is the name for a vision: a contemporary version of a Mystery School (in the Mystery School tradition going back all the way from the old Egyptian and Greek mystery centres), specifically inspired on the School of Chartres but based on the injection of new knowledge since 1879.

School meaning: a meeting place, where people can learn and grow from the interaction of meeting other people with shared interests and ideals.

We choose not to use the term spiritual science for good reason, because science is only the knowledge part. The scope is to take an integrated approach towards art, science and religion (re 1907-GA284). A holistic approach towards philosophy, cosmology and religion (re 1922-GA215).

This includes the practice and praxis part of meditation and personal exercises, as covered under Initiation. This also includes more background of the Mystery School tradition. More background on the School of Chartres is in The Michaelic Stream.

Inspiration comes more specifically from:

  • the esoteric school of St. Paul and Dionysius the Areopagite in the 1st century in Greece (revived in the 9th century by John Scotus Eriugena)
  • the School of Chartres in the 13th century in France, see eg 1924-07-13-GA237
  • the rosecrucian stream (see also Christian Rosenkreutz)


When multiple people share an interest, an ideal, and get together, there is the creation and building of 'a new center'. When we interact on the topic of spiritual science, initiation, the Christ .. we do that because we have something in common, and by our sharing thoughts and words contribute to the community of souls inscribing in the spirit world and thereby create something new.

See also notes on the importance of meeting in groups on: Communicating over spiritual science

How? and What?


In the past and the ancient mysteries, the student-master relation was véry different: the master was a divine being and the student put his fate in the hands of the master. We are now millenia further, and the current mode is that it is up to us individually to do the work with and on our inner being. Up to the centuries after Christ, knowledge was handed over only with the spoken word. In the middle ages things were put in writing and distributed in book form.

Today we are in the age of internet connectivity and we though we may be physically separated, we have new opportunities to reach out and connect and get to know people in new ways. Rather than saying it is all no good, it is up to us to craft new ways that are valuable and can work for what is is important to us.

The value lies in the work we do ourselves on our own and on our self, but also how we can inspire, support, help eachother. That meaningful help can have many forms, also the less expected. Just one question asked by another person can make the difference in one's life.

Process and attitude-wise

This site is developed to support personal study and provide a common reference. The essence of the interaction should be a focus on the feeling and willing aspects. Explicitly: the focus of the school is not on the intellectual thinking process, and not to provide spoon-feeding alternatives to the process of soul work which can only be owned by the individual. Hence it assumes an active mind ànd soul, to take responsability for self-driven study and soul work, and initiatory exercices, so as to be able also to actively contribute in a joint collaborative group process.

This does not mean you need to know everything! Asking questions is at least as important as giving the answer (that is a big topic, see 'know thyself' and/or 'Parsifal'). And of course a group exists for joint contemplation.

Practical aspects today

1/ The idea is not to establish a classical or physical school, but rather to be creative and explore new forms. The school 'idea' is left open quite deliberately, awaiting interested people to come forth and contact us to co-create and develop this initiative further .

Some ideas for a group process:

  • introductory exchange of personal biography elements and learnings, maybe also with 'haves' and 'wants'
  • interactions to align and converge towards (a) common chosen study topic(s)
  • facilitation of questions and answers sessions (on a certain topic)
  • everyone in the group sharing their study experience and contribute from a different personal perspective, eg how the topic touched your soul

2/ Currently we do take questions from students, and will consider taking students who ask for guidance and support in their study or development.

The following practical starting points are offered on this site:

a) the practical info in the section 'About the study process and working spiritual science' on the Tools and practical site info page

b) the Q&A section that offers Questions and Answers around various topics as an opportunity for study, discussion and exploration

c) the FMC study schemas for an explanation, examples and references to other study schemas.

d) the Study Modules (see main site menu), either already online or not yet, or in various stages of development, on three subject areas all broad and deep:

e) the information related to Initiation, as spiritual practice is so crucial to complement the study process

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