Top five problems with current science

From Anthroposophy

Having studied physics and having experience with supersensible consciousness, many years ago I did an exercise for myself to try and bring to synthesis what I believe to be the top three or five issues with the contemporary scientific paradigm. That is about the time I discovered the work of Rudolf Steiner who also discusses these points.

There are many versions of such list, eg from du Bois-Raymond (1880) upto Sheldrake (2012). Still I believe this short list captures the essence in the most condensed way.

1 - take out the observer (re hegel, goethe)

2 - the foolish/ungrounded extrapolation .. that current laws and physics, and current consciousness, can be extrapolated over space and time

3 - only part of the spectrum is sensory consciousness

4 - reductionism - fragment, section and partition to components to study, not the whole

5 - no teleological meaning