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The Reunion of Moon is timed approximately around the seventh to eight millenium, or the end of the current fifth epoch or the start of the Sixth epoch, and this will vastly impact procreation as birth will no longer take place in the ordinary way (1921-05-13-GA204).


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1910-GA013 - In OeS the reunion of Earth with Moon and Sun is described but not timed explicitly

There will come a time when both the Earth and humanity have made such progress in evolution that the forces and beings that had to separate from the Earth during Lemurian times to enable earthly beings to continue to progress will be able to reunite with the Earth.

At that time, the Moon will reconnect with the Earth. This will happen because sufficient numbers of human souls possess enough inner strength to make these Moon forces fruitful for further evolution.

This will take place at a time when

  • another development that has turned toward evil will be taking place
  • alongside the high level of development reached by the appropriate number of human souls.

Souls whose development has been delayed will have accumulated so much error, ugliness, and evil in their karma that they temporarily form a distinct union of evil and aberrant human beings who vehemently oppose the community of good human beings.

In the course of its development, the good portion of humankind will learn to use the Moon forces to transform the evil part so that it can participate in further evolution as a distinct earthly kingdom.

Through the work of 'the good part of humanity', the Earth, then reunited with the Moon, will become able to reunite with the Sun after a certain period of evolution, and also with the other planets. After an interim stage that resembles a sojourn in a higher world, the Earth will transform itself into the Future Jupiter state.


.. In the seventh millennium the bodily nature will be capable of development only until the 14th year of life. Women will then become barren. An entirely different form of earthly life will ensue. This is the time period [age/epoch] when the moon will again approach the earth and become part of it.

.. Man must know what it means to say that the moon once left the earth and will enter the earth again. Just as the separation of the moon [in the Lemurian epoch] was a decisive event, so too will be its re-entry. It is true that as human beings we shall still be inhabiting the earth, although birth will no longer take place in the ordinary way. We shall be connected with the earth by other means than through birth. We shall, however, have evolved in a certain respect by that time. And we must learn to connect what is happening today - I mean the fact that the intellect is becoming more and more shadowy - with what will one day be a great event in earthly evolution: the re-entry of the moon into the substance of the earth.


.. try to imagine what will happen if men go on unfolding no other kinds of thoughts until the time is reached in the eighth millennium for the moon-existence to unite again with the earth.


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