Homer’s Golden Chain

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The Golden Chain of being originates with the legendary ancient Greek poet Homer, the writer of the Iliad and Odyssey.

However, contemporary references are often to the work Aurea Catena Homeri, published in 1723 by Anton Josef Kirchweger.

We learn from 1909-03-11-GA057 that Goethe was deeply impressed when studying this work.

Schema FMC00.002 below has quotes of that lecture underneath the symbolic imagery from Kirchweger's book.


The concept of the Golden Chain is an important symbol in alchemy across the ages. It symbolizes the path from (the greek term) 'chaos' to that which is called the universal quintessence, in ten steps of successive 'densification or coagulation'; so it represents a chain from the highest spiritual influences, in multiple steps, down to the substances and kingdoms we see on earth.

-> Next, let's see what Goethe did with this.


Note: the symbol of the dragon is also touched on in 1909-03-30-GA111 after describing the rosecrucian symbol or the rose and cross:

.. the key is to go deeply into the presented image, to dive and sink in and not just try to imagine an image .. the key of Solomon, above a white flying dragon, below a black one that dies.

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