The world of the deceased

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After a human being dies and throws off the physical and etheric bodies, the soul of the deceased person goes through an experience of first ascending in the astral world and the spiritual world, followed by a descent again from the spiritual to the astral world and into incarnation in the physical world. This is a very individual pathway.

However incarnate living human beings on Earth are also constituted (see Man's bodily principles) with not just physical and etheric bodies but also an astral body and human 'I', and thus also reach into and live in the astral world and spirit world.

Hence souls on Earth, and deceased souls, are linked and intertwined, in a continuous exchange and influencing eachother. Today our waking consciousness is not able to be aware of this, and it appears as two separated worlds, which they are really not.


  • the dead live in (1917-11-29-GA182)
    • feeling and willing, and through this impact of social history
    • in the group souls of the animal kingdom
  • between death & rebirth souls are bouncing against a ceiling of plant & animal kingdoms if no spiritual concepts/thoughts in life on Earth


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