Christ Module 13 – Teachings through the ages

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This Module is about the teachings about Christ and the Christ Impulse through the ages, with different names and languages in the various cultures.

Sun Mysteries on Atlantis: the Spirit of the Sun

Seven Rishis in the ancient Indian cultural age: Vishva Karman

Zarathustra in ancient Persia: Ahura Mazdao and Ormuzd

Egypt: Osiris (Isis and Horus) and Ra

Hebrew: Ehjeh asher Ehjeh (I am the I AM)

Greece: Apollo, Zeus and Helios

Roman age

  • Mithras
  • the four gospels - the school of Paul and Dionysys, and the school of John
  • the gnostics: Pleroma

Anglo-German cultural age

  • theosophy and anthroposophy - spiritual scientific perspective on all previous teachings incl. the four gospels
  • fifth gospel



Schema FMC00.090 lists the various names of Christ across the ages:


Schema FMC00.266 provides a summary table from E. Vreede's letter from Dec. 1927, see also: Threefold Sun


Lecture coverage and references

  • GA087 of October 1901 to April 1902 sketches the lineage from Heraclitus via Pythagoras and the Greek philosophers (Parmenides, Empedocles, Plato, Socrates), Philo of Alexandria and connecting this with the writers of the four gospels, the school of Paul and Dionysus Areopagite and down to Scotus Eriugena. Connecting in the underlying stream of Christ in Egyptian, buddhist, Greek myths and spiritual life.
  • GA008, the book 'Christinianity as a mystical fact' (1902)
  • GA237, GA238 and GA240 contain the lectures of the period between 1 July upto 16 September 1924 in which the Michael School was sketched from the time of Plato and Aristotle, over the School of Chartres, upto the anthroposophical movement; not just on earth but also in the supersensible world, and including the inspiration by individualities from the spiritual world.


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