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This page assumes you follow the 'Guided study approach to Christ' and have read the first lectures on the Mystery of Golgotha to initialize your understanding.

Working schema FMC00.121 below illustrates the process of a mindmap for the first lecture 1906-12-02-GA097, as suggested you do for yourself. We can segment the 'territory' covered (rather artificially but not arbitrarily) into seven topics or themes: see the blue outlines with digits in blue circle, and with a short description in the yellow text boxes.

You should now have done a parsing of the main lectures for yourself, based on careful study (that is: not just reading but slow study, parsing and structuring, and contemplation).

Schema FMC00.122 below is an example of how it could look like for the first three main lectures. For the sake of readability we have typed out in telegram style the main headlines essence of the two flanker lectures, rather than using freeform pencil mindmapping. Observe that the same themes appear, and we can highlight and connect them to the seven work packages or Study Modules based on the first lecture (coloured arrows).

By now you will start to receive a feeling for how 'the plot thickens' around the broad essence of the first lecture.

By taking the seven base Study Modules to our heart and soul though earnest study, you will discover the tremendous breath and depth of each angle of perspective. Meaning: one can continue such exploration and 'knitting' and continuously extend and going further, thereby deepening knowledge and understanding. In fact this opens up to the whole of spiritual science, with so many interconnections we can no longer rely on two dimensional schematics to illustrate the dependencies. However, given enough time and soul energy invested, you will start to feel and 'know' the interdependencies in your soul. This realization we can call insight. In this guided study approach you are indeed investing in using your conscious mind and soul as a medium, rather than books, notes, or computers.

This work is truly in the spirit of the Meaning of Free Man Creator: your soul work does have meaning for the universe, souls of the deceased, and contributes to the future of humanity and the earth as you are contributing to the 'seeds of future worlds'.

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