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Lipikas are 'Lords of Karma' or 'Gods of destiny' that guide the human being on the budhi (and nirvana) plane(s) and provide the base organization for the incarnations that follow.

The lipikas have a relationship with Man's physical body: they are responsible for guiding the germinal being to its destiny and its parents and family (1906-10-22-GA096), they 'create an astral schematic from the mental substance of the individuality' and hence stand in a relation to the stream of heredity and Man's physical body (see 1906-07-03-GA094 on Mahadevas). The latter is important, because the physical body is a carrier of karma, see Model for hereditary physical body, see also Fall and redemption - original sin and grace.

In esoteric traditions typically very little information on the lipikas is available for incarnate souls, except that they exist.

Lecture coverage and references

H.P. Blavatsky also describes these spirits in 'The Secret Doctrine Vol 1':

There are three chief groups of Builders (DL ‘editor: Prajapatis) and as many of the Planetary Spirits and the Lipika, each group being again divided into Seven sub-groups.

The Lipika (a description of whom is given in the Commentary on Stanza IV. No. 6) are the Spirits of the Universe, whereas the Builders are only our own planetary deities.

The former belong to the most occult portion of Cosmogenesis, which cannot be given here. Whether the Adepts (even the highest) know this angelic order in the completeness of its triple degrees, or only the lower one connected with the records of our world, is something which the writer is unprepared to say, and she would incline rather to the latter supposition. Of its highest grade one thing only is taught: the Lipika are connected with Karma, being its direct Recorders.

and in Stanza V:

The Lipika circumscribe

  • the triangle, the first one (the vertical line or the figure I.),
  • the cube, the second one,
  • and the pentacle within the egg (circle) (a).

It is the ring called “Pass not,” for those who descend and ascend (as also for those) who, during the Kalpa, are progressing toward the great day “Be with us” (b). . . . Thus were formed the Arupa and the Rupa (the Formless World and the World of Forms); from one light seven lights; from each of the seven seven times seven lights. The “Wheels” watch the Ring.


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