Man's most important questions

From Anthroposophy

The most fundamental questions that Man has asked since ages, and that remain eternally valid, are:

  • Who are we? ... Who am I? ('Man know thyself!')
  • Where do we come from?
  • Where are we going?
  • What is the Meaning of life?

These questions are also the meaning that a Worldview has to give to existence, and allow individuals and society as a whole to give meaning to their life and activities. It is therefore this quest for teleology, an explanation in terms of purpose (rather than just a description of the facts), that is underlying a worldview, and this is were we distinguish major differences between the worldviews built on Mineral science and Spiritual science.

The importance lies in the fact that there are moral implications for Man and society in his and their orientation and the decisions and choices made. If we live only once, and we are just a speck of dust in the wide universe, than why bother and who cares. If we, humanity, are the crown and purpose of creation and each of our individual thoughts and actions has an impact on the future worlds, in which we ourselves will come back in future lives, together with our children and all our beloved, than obviously we are in a different situation. We should act responsible and caring.


Schema FMC00.037 illustrates Man's most important questions in the conscious quest for the meaning of life.


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