Man and the macrocosmos

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In the physical body of Man we find an echo of the zodiac and the 12 zodiac signs.

In the etheric life body we find an echo of the 7 planets and planetary movements.

The astral body is like an experience of the planetary movements

The I is like a perception of the echo of the zodiac.


Lecture coverage and references

GA202 describes the connection of head and brain to the starry world, breast to the sun and planetary system, and metabolic limb man to Earth.

See also 1922-04-09-GA082

The alphabet


More on the reflection of the twelve cosmic consonants in the physical body, and the reflection of the seven cosmic vowels in the etheric body, in 1914-10-04-GA156, 1914-10-05-GA156 and 1914-10-06-GA156, specifically inb the context of the experience in clairvoyance.


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