Initiation and the books of wisdom

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In the language of ancient Egypt, Franz Bardon refers to 22 tarot cards of the major arcana as representing the 22 books or pillars of wisdom.

The first book is initiation, the second evocation and communion with spiritual beings, the third is the language of creation ('in the beginning was the word'). In the occult novel Frabato is described how the adept that lived in and as Franz Bardon would have received the mission to disclose the first four, and only the front cover of the fifth.


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In the book 'The Adept Magician' by Marten Crawford, the central character in the book tells about his lifelong dedication to the great work and the three books of Franz Bardon. The section about his path of training on the third book is information rarely or not available anywhere else. He does point to the fact that anyone who is advanced in mastering the two and three letter combinations of that book becomes visible in the sphere of the greater community of the White Lodge.

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