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About the 4th Tarot card

Kaje (talkcontribs)

This statement: "The fourth book was supposed to be on Alchemy." is not correct. The fifth Tarot card / fifth book was supposed to be about Alchemy. The 4th Tarot card is about the "Hermetic Philosophy" in general. Bardon explains this as well in "Frabato":

Diederik (talkcontribs)

Thanks for your comment, you are right so the page has been updated.

Don't recall how this slipped in, if you would have source reference(s) that mention alchemy explicitly, I will add these.

Indeed in 2021, Lukas Louzecky published 'The golden book of wisdom' with recovered texts from the period 1953-58. It was sold in limited edition with numbered copies, so don't know if it's still readily available.

In the preface he quotes Bardon writing to Hermann Joseph Metzger in a letter dated 14-Apr-1955: ".. I will later publish a book called The Book of wisdom, which will be in the form of questions and answers, that will illuminate a lot .. "

For students of spiritual science, it is interesting to compare style and contents of teachings contained in the book with those by Rudolf Steiner and Daskalos. Though it is the intention, these materials have not yet been integrated onto this site.

Kaje (talkcontribs)

Hello. I'm deeply sorry for not having responded earlier. So, basically, in the same book with recovered texts/fragments of Bardon's fourth book, published by "Lukas Louzecky" there's also a fully recovered letter from Franz Bardon to Joseph Metzger (which you mentioned as well) at the very end of the book, in which Bardon explicitedly mentions that the fifth card would be about practical alchemy. I've made a screenshot and added it here:

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