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What is the nature of Consciousness?

Yuriy (talkcontribs)

The Hierarchies think us, beget us.

It would be good to find out the details of their conjoint efforts. For They Themselves are the 'subject' to The Word - They are derivatives of the Creative Word.

Thus Christ stands behind two streams which create both: the Inner Cosmic Spiritual-Superspiritual Core of Man and his earthly sheaths (physical, etheric, astral and Ego).

At first it appears that man, by striving after the Christ Consciousness, tries just to achieve a replica of Christ in his own Self (to fulfil his earthly task). But, being a 'focal point' of the Hierarchies' thoughts, he is a newly created autonomous unique Being - a potent point in the Universe out of which new Cosmos can grow.

It would be interesting to find out whence comes a condition (who is behind it, orchestrating the possibility) to attract man - as a piece of iron to a magnet - to the Christ?.. For neither Christ Himself, nor Archangel Michael force us to recognize Him as a "safe heaven".

Diederik (talkcontribs)

Dear Yurij, thanks for sharing these thoughts and the resulting question. Sorry for the delay in responding, I only saw it now.

First a sincere thank you for this wonderful question. Such questions, so it appears to me, do not ask for an answer as much they long for an insight. Therefore let me try a first response, it's all I can do in this small text box, and we can elaborate and discuss further as you want.

To answer your question, the influence at work is the Christ Impulse itself, the Christ working as the spirit of the Earth, and the influence of the chemical and life ethers on Man. The consciousness soul is the enabler through which Man becomes susceptible to the spiritual, but the magnetic field is really that of the Christ.

Now I feel that these words are not sufficient of an answer, rather a whole explanation would be required, which is why we study.

Adding a few elements on which this pyramidion statement is based:

1 - The principle of the Holy Grail is a symbolic image of this working, see eg FMC00.354 which tries to depicts a few elements graphically, or - if you prefer FMC00.270B (relevant links in the text accompanying the Schemas on the Holy Grail topic page).

2 - For what leads to the blossoming through the consciousness soul, see the schemas on the topic page Human character - the I and threefold soul.

3 - The result is ultimately what is meant with the Second Adam, see FMC00.189.

You probably know all these concepts from study, the answer lies in how they hang together, they are like pointers to the imaginative insight.

But so the answer to your question is really the reason why Christ-Jesus went through the Mystery of Golgotha.


PS: In the above, I answered the question in your message, not the one in the title. That would lead us into a different thematic, see eg FMC00.329 on Cosmic breath of Brahma. All hierarchies including Man go through an evolution on a ladder of consciousness (see Twelve Conditions of Consciousness) as an extension of the Logoi and the intrinsic threefolded nature (see The three Logoi) which contains the answer to that question.

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