Development progress log for this website

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This page keeps track of the origin and development of this site and mediawiki content database for future contributors.

Phase 1 - Laying the foundation

before 2020: the intention

  • period March 2018-March 2020
    • The domain and first page was created in March 2018 (hosted by SiteGround). The initial intention was a pilot: to set up a site to support a learning process around the theme of the Christ Impulse and the Mystery of Golgotha. Besides some early prototyping and unfortunate disruptions end 2019 due to security holes and bots, nothing much happened until March 2020 (when it was moved to a dedicated server hosted by Contabo). The new techical environment had a new wiki version, framework and skin, also finally allowed the use of visualeditor.


  • March 2020
    • creation of structure of the FMC project and three main study themes (with dedicated menus), and creation of placeholder pages - to be populated incrementally in due time.
    • initialization of schema repository and its implementation for consistent illustration references on this site; publication of V1 (22 schemas)
    • cleaning up existing pages of pre 2020
    • decision to move off blogger and include the relevant content on this site in a section 'early essays'. In 2013 I had done a test with the site to write two posts per year, typically end december. However due to the length of these posts and the completely unreliable style and layout of the environment, this did not prove workable and I had given up. The idea was to post the essays in PDF format, which I never did.
    • contents topics worked: etheric formative forces (incl eg potentization, transmutation), worldviews, underlying topic pages for Modules 4 and 5 in 'Christ and MoG'
  • April-September 2020
    • April-May: two months of daily progress building the logical backbone structure with chapters and topics
    • June-September: hardly any work and very limited progress in this period (only five days)
    • => by 1 October 2020: 280 content pages or topics, enriched with approx. 300 images and 30 PDF files, schema numbering upto FMC00.235


  • slow continuous work on refining contents (incl cross links, literature references) on existing pages, and adding topic pages and schemas
  • April 2021
    • V2 of the FMC Schemes upto Schema FMC00.290
    • technical maintenance upgrade of all softwares (OS, PHP, Mediawiki, Chameleon skin), new backup and analytics monitoring tools, and addition of the URL for the project initiative name
  • August-October 2021
    • good progress in the period June-September (three months effective)
    • the topic came up on whether to extend large Discussion notes or subtopics, or to split the scope of broader topics by creating more pages, and separating subtopics onto their own page. Eventually the latter was done: as the site extends it would create confusion to have very large pages with many subtopics. The whole point of mediawiki is to have topic pages with an outlined scope. Trade off: proliferation of more pages leads to dilution of contents and increase in work effort to provide sufficient coverage, and more links to navigate around, and hence integrative work in our soul again of all these granular pieces of the puzzle. Examples:
    • => by 1 October 2021: 420 content pages with approx. 485 images and 70 PDF files, schema numbering upto FMC00.390
  • notes for this year
    • contributions by people via mail are added as Q&As, Discussion Notes


In six months April to September 2021, the site was accessed from 109 different countries.

Most users and visits come from the United States, followed by the UK, Australia and Canada.

Then follow China, Netherlands, India, Germany, New Zealand and Brasil; followed by Italy, Spain, Norway and Taiwan.