Module 3 - Evolutionary framework

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Putting the impact of the Christ Impulse in an evolutionary perspective can be done at various level of zooming in or out.

Below is an overview picture, open in new tab to view in more detail. The various perspectives below are also shown in the PDF file.

Evo overview.jpg

  1. 1/ Studying in depth what happened at epoch level
    1. a) First the essential background to understand the relationship with the MoG Christ Impulse, of how humanity evolved and gained it's self-consciousness ('I-hood') and independance or freedom.
      'Lemuria: Jehovah-impulse and link to current PostAtlantean (impulse Christ) as per the MoG-intro lectures

    1. b)The Atlantean epoch and the continuation of the SoF trickling in, but also the Mercury influence

    1. c) Zooming in to our current epochCurrent Postatlantean: the impact of the Christ Impulse across cultural ages within our current epoch

    1. 2/ Zooming out in three steps: planetary level: where one can consider various aspects:
      1. a) Earth cycle on two levels
          1. a1) epochs in Earth physical round, but especially (this should be mineral round and physical globe)
          2. a2) Earth rounds perspective including the other rounds
      2. b) related to the final round of the above, the transition between Earth and Jupiter planetary evolution phases
      3. c) considering the full planetary chain the turning point of time, spiritualization of what matters in the petri cup of our solar system lab: humanity as the Tenth Hierarchy

The MoG introduction lectures focuses only on point 1 above, at a higher level, without getting technical at all.

This page recaps this 'simple version' below. The above structure provides separate pages where the topic is covered more technically and extensively.