Feeding five thousand

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The 'feeding of the five thousand' is one of the Seven miracles of Christ, the seven signs performed by Christ Jesus in his three years on earth, as related in the Gospels how Christ expected the apostles to understand the symbolism in the schema FMC00.041 below.

See also: Twelve as seven and five.


Schema FMC00.041 summarizes the relationships between seven, five and twelve are explained by Rudolf Steiner in the lectures referenced.

Lecture coverage and references

In 1910-01-12-GA117A, the twelve baskets are presented as an image for the twelve limbs or parts of the body of Christ. The strong spirit has a physical side effect of becoming tipsy or drunk, and that is why people were so under influence of the spirit they became clairvoyant as at that moment glimpsed the twelve parts of Christ.


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