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Study volumes for spiritual science

- series with the same format, layout, nomenclature, systematic referencing - integrative (see 'Systematic Anthroposophy') - in the same spirit as 'Arbeitsmaterial zum Studium der Geisteswissenschaft Rudolf Steiners'

A - translated essays on Christ(ology)

Translator: HH Contents: Rebholz' Christology, Kuerten three booklet, Lorenzen typoscript (never published before, Berger, Hoffmeister

B - elementary kingdoms

Translator(s): TRG Contents: Rebholz' three versions, Kuerten booklet, Lorenzen fragments, additions from GA not available for these authors (eg GA 88-89-90-91)

C - Rebholz' bundled work

Translator(s): HH+ TRG

D - works by Lorenzen

Translator: TRG

E - physiology - Norbert Glas

Translator: TRG

E - Christ (new - by DL)

being worked .. will build on A (and B)

F - Reincarnation (new - by DL)

being worked ..