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start with the end in mind?

importance of Christ and the Mystery of Golgotha?

is a unique event in the evolution of the Earth and the solar system, for humanity and the whole of the cosmos

it is the start of a new beginning [7], whereby humanity will evolve to the 10th spiritual hierarchy of the spirits of freedom and love

this is such a cosmic consideration it is hard for us to grasp,

on earth for humanity, closer by our current situation and the future to come

it is a fructification of the earth and humanity that instigates a new brotherly love between all human beings, based on unselfishness [1]

its implications also the redeeming of sin and the purification of our soul and spirit so the surpassing of death of the physical body as we know it [8].

The above has been a subject of the teachings in the Mystery Centres for millenia, and these teachings can help us try to get a grasp by studying from various perspectives.

It relates to the Mystery of the Blood [4], the Mystery of the Heart [5], to the legend of Parsifal and the Holy Grail [6].

Some things are beyond our intellectual understanding and what we are able to grasp with our current mundane consciousness, which pales - after all, in comparison with the wisdom and complexity of the cosmos.