Christ and the Mystery of Golgotha

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“.. the deepest lesson — the mission of earthly love in its connection with the Mystery of Golgotha — has not yet been grasped”(1911-12-03-GA130)


Where to start, when one wants to get an understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha?

Rudolf Steiner touched on it in - literally - many hundreds of lectures. There are so many angles to shedding light on this, that it becomes intimidating trying to lecture or cover the topic. Here's just a first grab of some full cycles (not considering the cycles on the Gospels):

  • GA97 - 1906/7 - The Chrystian Mystery
  • GA116 - 1909-10 - Christ Impulse and the development of ego consciousness
  • GA131 of 1911 - From Jesus to Christ
  • GA152 in 1913/14 - Approaching the Mystery of Golgotha
  • GA165 in 1915/16 - Unifying Humanity Spiritually through the Christ Impulse
  • GA 175 in 1917 - Building stones for an understanding of the MoG
  • GA187 - 1918-12 - How Can Humanity Find the Christ Again?

The more one reads and studies Rudolf Steiner's lectures, the more one comes to appreciate the bewildering breath and depth of the coverage presented in the GA Collected Works. But at the same time this becomes a challenge to integrate, assimilate, incorparate, grasp .. and conceive to represent and bring this in a clear and didactic way.

These few pages are a prototype pilot exercise in support of lectures and study materials for people who want to gain an understanding or insight into the Christ Impulse and the Mystery of Golgotha. I assume you are familiar with spiritual science and it's foundation works and concepts to some degree.

The approach consists of the following steps. Each step deepens the understanding and is more demanding, both in time invested and, much more importantly, mental-emotional and intellectual energy.

- Introduction to spiritual science
  1. - First statement
  2. - Initializing the understanding
  3. - Study essays
  4. Gaining insight in cosmic dimension

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