Epochs in Earth physical round

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This page takes a perspective 'across evolutionary epochs' to have a view on a number of streams spawing multiple epochs:

It allows for a good overview:

First, the departure and reunion of both the Sun and the Moon is important to realize that the spiritual beings, including the SoF/Elohim, were all in one cosmic body. In previous planetary stages they had developed together alongside.

Now, in the Hyperborean and Lemurian epochs, both the Sun first, and afterwards the Moon, separate off and the Earth is now in a cradle held between Sun and Moon influences from outside (whereas previously influences were from the same sphere).

The MoG Christ Impulse instigates the process towards reunion with the Sun.

Add Italian drawing here, and infusion.

  • the trickling in of the SoF and development of I-consciousness and treefold soul happened during the Lemurian and Atlantean epochs. It was recapitulated and refined in our current epoch of the MoG.
  • in these two earlier epochs however Christ already intervened to steer and correct this process, and this happened three times .
  • the Mars and Mercury passages or astral influences are timed in the 3th and 4th epochs, but have an effect related to the rounds (link)

A good intro is the following sketch by Rudolf Steiner in a letter to Marie von Sivers

Three impulses.jpg