From Anthroposophy

the vision is the flipside of the problem statement

given the fact it took 100+ years to even publish the GA, and it's not even translated or digitally available

the 'vision' is to have a sort of 'integrated edition' that takes a logical structure and provides integrated materials for each, not just on its own but with all its links and interfaces

and then .. provide a multi-level outline with an entry-point for novices and early students, and several levels deepening the subject for more in depth coverage

this without sacrificing or compromising the holy wisdom of the teachings

In practice, it would mean that if one takes the volume with say number 10 from the Integrated Edition, one has the reference study volume for, say, the topic of reincarnation, or Christ.

Adding value

the ambition should not be to create a digital or paper statue it should be living, and truly adding something to anthroposophy .. to get spiritual science 'one level up' from swimming in the sea of Steiner lectures and SoSoG. Not to be disrespectfull, because that is the school and process indeed.

But the vision has a quality of synthesis which is non-textual .. it is an insight .. an insight that seeks form. The form cannot be sequential documents of hundreds (or thousands) of pages. It cannot be a sketch painting artwork. Maybe it can be a new artform, expressing insights and imaginative pictures, but now painted with new brushes .. consisting of schematics with pointers to underlying texts, like 'symbols' of the synthesis .. with also a piece to text, concise and dense but short .. like a poem or long meditation .. condensed .. and together this symbol can be the top stone of the pyramid of insight or understanding, with a full pyramid principle of information below

A few practical notes

- consistent and systematic references of Rudolf Steiner Lectures (RSL)

- consistent nomenclature: often different terms are used for ages/epochs, for the planetary stages, for the spiritual hierarchies, the bodily principles, etc. The FMC project wants to be consistent and streamline this for the benefit of the student and so as to not cause unnecessary confusion.

- highly structured, with outline mode navigation aid, as an essential feature

- the taxonomy and logical chapters cna be regarded as a proposal similar as the GA for an Integrated Edition (IE). The same taxonomy and logical chapter structure can be used for a SoSoG secondary literature 'best of' selection as an extension of this, and complementing the GA and IE.


The good thing is so much good stuff already exists, so we can position our intentions by looking at the many good initiatives that exist.

So eg the lexicon, the anthrowiki, etc