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Nikolai A. Kozyrev (1908-1983) was a child prodigy and a gifted intuitive scientist and a bold thinker. He published his first scientific paper at age 17, graduated with a degree in physics and mathematics at age 20 and was a renowed and most promising astrophysicist at age 28. Then however he spent more than a decade in concentration camp due to Stalin.

His work is mainly in two areas: torsion fields and the nature of time.

Certain aspects of his work are not very well known to people working in the domain of Spiritual science. And to further confuse our interpretations of his original contribution, his thoughts and concepts have been taken by various people into different directions (eg mathematical astrophysics).


The below rephrases some key points from Kozyrev's views and work, which are noteworthy given the associations (as per comments on each point)

  • Kozyrev considered that all life forms might be drawing of an unseen spiralling source of energy .. seemingly had some kind of direct knowledge of these spiralling energy patterns. It was clear to him that another type of energy was working here, beyond the known mechanisms studied by physics, such as metabolism or photosynthesis
  • the torsion fields have a link with the qualities of physical matter .. space is not empty but filled with invisible torsion waves or fields, and these transmit formative information without transmitting energy
    • DL editor notes: think of the formative forces passing information under guidance of the third hierarchy, as in Rudolf Steiner's metaphor of the house building metaphor (see eg Hagemann). And the fact that both the forces of the elementary kingdom, as the group souls of the kingdoms of nature, are both working from the same plane. Also see the Rupert Scheldrake's morphogenetic fields.
  • for Kozyrev there is a link between the nature and qualities of time and space related to these torsion fields
    • (DL editor notes: think of the interface between the astral and the etheric)
  • Kozyrev discovered that Sun spots extend beyond the Sun's surface and that the center of Sun is hollow and rather cool. From this concluding there as a different energy powering the Sun and subsequently responsible for solar phenomena such as Sun spots. He refused to believe the theory that stars are powered by atomic fusion.
    • (see also Rudolf Steiner)
  • Kozyrev had a quite original view regarding the light of stars that reaches us
    • see also Nick Thomas, Space and counterspace - chapters 7 to 11 for a remarkable similarity of vision.

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Kozyrev appears as a visionary scientist ahead of its time and league (re eg Tesla). Therefore there is so much available around his work that it is extremely difficult to find one's way, also because many people have taken his name and findings to hijack that into other directions (as it 'suits their agenda'). You will also find his name and work mentioned on ill-informed or misguided sources open to anything off the beaten track.

Some online sources nevertheless as a starting point (for the reader to qualify the essentials from the nonsense in all that is presented):

David Wilcock's Divine Cosmos, Kozyrev Mirrors website, ..

Some references

  • Nikolai Alekeevich Kozyrev: 'Possibility of experimental study of the properties of time' (1968)
  • Borislav Dimitrov: 'Quality and Time' 1990, in Rosen Stupov (ed.), The Fundamental Knowledge between Ontology Dilemma and Cognitive Problems')
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