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  • sacrifice of the Thrones offered to the Cherubim, providing the warmth substance for the 'development environment' of Old Saturn (1911-10-31-GA132)
  • the Archai reach their 'human' stage in terms of Condition of Consciousness, and create the physical form of Man (called the 'phantom', see cleansed phantom)
  • the Thrones now create the disposition of Man's spirit Man principle in the very last cycle (see Man's higher triad)


Schema FMC00.199 provides a tabular overview of the seven CoL in the Old Saturn planetary stage.


Schema FMC00.200 presents a schematic overview


Schema FMC00.193 is a metaphoric illustration that can be used as a reminder of the beautiful imagination sketched in 1911-10-31-GA132 and the nature of sacrifice (and the arising of warmth on Old Saturn).


Lecture coverage and references

1909-04-13-A-GA110 – L3

from the synopsis: On Old Saturn inner warmth becomes outer warmth. Production and dissolution of warmth; inhalation and exhalation of warmth — exhalation as fire; resemblance to expansion and contraction in breathing. The Rishis teaching: warmth, sucked in becomes the I of the Archai. The Archai beginning to leave the exhaled warmth outside without re-inhaling it leads to manhood consciousness, objective consciousness and consciousness of self. Saturn dissolved by the Thrones. Pralaya or night. The karma of the Archai on Saturn brings ancient Sun into existence. Warmth divides into light and smoke or air.

1909-04-13-B-GA110 – L4

from the synopsis:

The eggs of warmth on Old Saturn were created by the thought of the Archai; now-a-days thought goes no further than the astral.

Evolution is a system proceeding from taking and to giving. On Old Saturn the Thrones gave their own warmth to the Archai, similar to the silkworms. The Archai gave personality to the warmth.

The expansion of the Archangels. They are met by Cherubim. In the Sun-nights when in the atmosphere light has left the air, in the air the Cherubim reflect the figure which becomes the germ of the animal kingdom.


from the synopsis: Old Saturn was as large as a globe having as its centre the sun of to-day and reaching as far as present Saturn.

Maximilian Rebholz writes in his essay on the Elementary Kingdoms (SWCC)

... Up till now, we have only considered the elementary kingdoms as the forces which reveal themselves as shapes in the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom and the animal kingdoms. Now however, in GA009 (Theosophy), perhaps it is not described in detail, yet it is hinted at, that also matter, the material element, arose through a process of condensation – "like ice from water" – from the three elementary kingdoms.

In order to understand, that both things exist – that only a part of the elementary kingdom has developed in the line which we have so far followed, whilst another part has become matter – we return again to the presentation of the Old Saturn evolution in GA110.

The task of the Archai was to re-spiritualize the warmth that they separated out of themselves at the end of the Old Saturn evolution. At least, this is what should have been. But – as Dr. Steiner went on to describe – the Archai were not able to transform back all the warmth. A part thereof remained externalized, and had to become spiritualized back by the Thrones themselves, at the transition of Old Saturn into the great Pralaya, that lies between the Old Saturn and Old Sun evolutions. This part reappeared in the Sun evolution as a backward, lower kingdom of nature, and this part became condensed in the further course of cosmic evolution and became present-day matter.

.. the other part, that had been spiritualized again, continued to live in the Archai in spiritual form (though it did descend while incarnating) ...

.. in the meantime, the part that had not been re-spiritualized by the Archai, condensed to materiality and turned first into astral materiality, then into an etheric one, and finally into the material of the lower worlds.

We thus have a splitting of the original unified sacrificial substance of the Thrones into two streams:

  • one which kept developing in spiritual form and turned into man's essential substance (the Self), and
  • the other part that was left behind, which went on a downward path of development and became present-day matter.

This is the secret affinity of the human being to the Old Saturn warmth that became condensed into earthly matter – an affinity to we shall return later.

Let us now assume, that the sacrificial substance of the Spirits of Wisdom too, which came into existence on the Sun as the first elementary kingdom, suffered a similar splitting. In that case, the part that remained behind of this elementary kingdom would have turned into present-day ether; for – as a young elementary kingdom, its condensation is not yet sufficiently advanced.

and Rebholz adds quotes that the substance of the SoW is the ether as in the etheric life body added on the Old Sun, and similarly for the SoM on Old Moon. See Schema FMC00.147 on The elementary kingdoms


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