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''This is a temporary placeholder - page to be developed''
''This is a temporary placeholder - page to be developed''
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==Lecture coverage and references==
==Lecture coverage and references==
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*This module is at an introductory level, for the more advanced version how this will ultimately realize itself, or work in a spiritual scientific 'technical ' way, see the concept of Second Adam in Module 8 -  [[unification|unification]]
*This module is at an introductory level, for the more advanced version how this will ultimately realize itself, or work in a spiritual scientific 'technical ' way, see the concepts of [[Second Adam]] and [[unification|Unification]] as linked to [[Christ Module 8 - Resurrection]]
*A contemporary living example of the essence of Christianity can be found in the work of Karen Armstrong and the [[Charter of Compassion]]
*A contemporary living example of the essence of Christianity can be found in the work of Karen Armstrong and the [[Charter of Compassion]]
==Related pages==
==Related pages==
*[[Module 8 - Resurrection]]
*[[Christ Module 8 - Resurrection]]
==References and further reading==
==References and further reading==

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This is a temporary placeholder - page to be developed


Lecture coverage and references

Two main references as introduction are

  • Paul’s Hymn to Love (First Letter Corinthians Ch 13)
  • Alle Menschen werden Brüder in Ode an die Freude (Schiller, see also Beethoven's 9th Symphony)

Probably the best reference lecture for this section/page is: 1916-01-09-GA165 called 'The Universal Human: The Unification of Humanity through the Christ Impulse':

what human beings originally, at the beginning of earth evolution, were intended to have on the outside, namely, uniformity and the applicability of the term “human being” everywhere on earth, was now to be brought forth out of the innermost essence of the human being through the Christ-Spirit.

It is one of the many meanings of the Mystery of Golgotha that with the Christ-Spirit something was given to the earth that, when rightly understood, makes the name “human being” again applicable to all earthly humanity.


what can be said about this principle in the Christ impulse, namely, the salvation of humanity out of bodily fragmentation into spiritual unity, must be told, for it must become more and more effective in human evolution

1907-11-19-GA100 (edited SWCC) is about the relationship between Jehova, Lucifer and Christ

.. (the blood-related love that) Jehovah (had brought) was replaced by Christ, who brought a higher love into the world and made man independent of the members of their tribe and blood-relationships. This universal love is only just beginning; when the Earth has one day passed on its being to Future Jupiter, it will be entirely permeated by this spiritual love. It is to this universal love that Christ's statement refers: “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children and brethren, and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:26). ..

It is the Christ Who pours out this universal love more and more over the Earth. The evolution of the Earth is divided into two parts through the appearance of Christ Jesus, — the blood, which flowed on Golgotha signifies the replacement of the love of relations by spiritual love.

1911-08-27-GA129 describes the Christ Impulse in terms of practical effect as .. a solvent, diluting destroying egotism

If we take the second road, if in the spirit of what has been said so far we fill our souls in the Pauline sense with the Christ Impulse, and then plunge into ourselves, what then happens?

The Christ Impulse has the quality of working as a solvent, as a destructive influence upon our egotism. We notice that the deeper we descend with the Christ Impulse into ourselves, the less is egotism able to get a hold upon us. We then press further and further into ourselves and by penetrating with the Christ Impulse through our egotistic impulses and passions, we learn to recognise the being of man, learn to know all the secrets of the ‘world-wonder’ which is man. Indeed the Christ Impulse enables us to go much further.

Whereas without it we bounce back like an india-rubber ball, and do not succeed in entering into ourselves, into the sphere of our own organisation, with the Christ we penetrate deeper and deeper into ourselves, and at last come out of ourselves, so to say, on the other side. So that whether we go out into the cosmos and find the Christ-principle in the widths of space, or whether we penetrate below into the sphere of the sub-earthly gods, in either case we find it all impersonal and freed from ourselves. In either direction we find something which transcends ourselves. In cosmic space we are not dissipated, atomised, we find the world of the upper gods; below we penetrate into the world of the true gods.

1916-01-09-GA165 - The Universal Human: The Unification of Humanity through the Christ Impulse

This is one of the meanings of the Mystery of Golgotha: the attainment of the unity of humanity from within. Externally human beings are becoming more and more different. The result will be not sameness but difference over the earth, and human beings must exert all the more force from within to attain unity. There will always be setbacks in this process of achieving unity — we can see them coming if we look for them. What was actually intended only for an earlier epoch is preserved into a later epoch, and what was to create differences in consecutive periods coexists. Human beings form different groups, and while they are struggling for unity all over the world in the name of Christ, through the Christ impulse, differences remain as aftereffects and setbacks. Such differences will always exist because human beings will only gradually be able to attain unity. At the same time, different groups will fight each other tooth and nail about everything concerning their outer life. There are setbacks from earlier epochs that run counter to the Christ impulse, rather than in harmony with it.

Indeed, here we see a very profound meaning of this Christ impulse. Based on true knowledge, we can say Christ is our savior who keeps humankind from being fragmented into groups.

This is not yet fully understood by all people because the old still exists alongside the new. Today, people hardly understand the community of life in the Christ impulse, and this is connected with the fact that this understanding must proceed from our innermost being. We must realize that the Christ impulse has worked in the earth aura for the last two thousand years, but has not been understood. As we have often emphasized, this Christ impulse can only be fully understood through what spiritual science gives us. It is only when a growing number of people can more and more grasp, think, and feel what actually entered our earthly evolution in the fourth post-Atlantean period that understanding for that event will increase. To expect modern humanity to understand the Christ impulse is really asking too much. After all, just think how unwilling people are to acknowledge that this fourth post-Atlantean period of evolution, the Greco-Roman epoch, is of such paramount, such mighty significance in human evolution. Just think how unwilling people are to recognize any such post-Atlantean age at all with the Greco-Latin epoch as its pivotal point. To accept such truths, people need to take in the ideas of spiritual science. Without them one cannot understand these things at all — that is, one cannot understand the evolution of humanity if one has not taken in these concepts.

We have to understand the significance of the Spirits of Form, who had intended to develop a homogeneous human race in seven successive stages. This homogeneous human race was fragmented by Lucifer and Ahriman, but the force that wants to spread the one name “human being” over all the earth and unto the end of time — in spite of the outer differences between people — was revived from within by the Christ impulse. One of the chief tasks of the immediate future is to understand that Christ stands between Lucifer and Ahriman and to grasp his significance in relation to them. Therefore, we must always call Lucifer and Ahriman by their true names — we must call a spade a spade, so to speak — and look to the Christ impulse as the one combating them and saving the earth from this one-sided luciferic-ahrimanic impulse. This is what must be presented more and more often.

See also more about this in the Q&A section reference Q00.002


  • This module is at an introductory level, for the more advanced version how this will ultimately realize itself, or work in a spiritual scientific 'technical ' way, see the concepts of Second Adam and Unification as linked to Christ Module 8 - Resurrection
  • A contemporary living example of the essence of Christianity can be found in the work of Karen Armstrong and the Charter of Compassion

Related pages

References and further reading

there is the human perspective, and the cosmic/evolutionary

for the latter, see 1906-09-13-GA091 for a high-level introduction on 'the turning point of times' .. one should be well aware that this lecture cannot be grasped unless one has studied the esoteric cosmology (which is a complex and demanding subject matter)

from the human perspective, we can introduce the essence below:

Universal spiritual love .. not love based on blood relations

humanity is the top of creation, as the Tenth Hiearchy under development in our current solar system cosmos. All spiritual hierarchies contribute and are in support of this. The exciting new thing that Man will bring is he will be the first spiritual hierarchy that is Free, and a Creator in his own right. Man becomes the Spirits of Freedom and Love, and thereby humanity is in the process of becoming divine.

the earlier planetary incarnation rounds of Old Saturn', Old Sun' and Old Moon' brought the sacrifices of the .. to weave and develop Man's physical, etheric and astral body. The current epoch on planet Earth is the lowest point of entering into matter, and totally disconnected from the heavenly spheres and reality.

was seeded with a higher spiritual element that brought the human being an independent self-identity: freedom and love. However this was based on dispersion through multiple folk group souls, and the love of blood ties.

The result is the lack of brotherly love, as differences abound and are the cause of conflicts and karma.

With the Mystery of Golgotha, a new cosmic impulse was given to compensate and correct the luciferic influences that caused the appearance of the cycle of death and the pollution of the phantom, etheric and astral bodies. These now need to be cleansed.

Brotherly love - selflessness

what does it imply, brotherly love? .. selflessness, a culture of selflessness, the antipode of egoism and egotism, and stronger than altruism

Altruism is the principle and moral practice of concern for happinessz of other human beings

altruistic - showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish

"Egotism" is an inflated sense of one's importance, the egotist feels superior to others.

"Egoism" is a preoccupation with oneself, being centered in or preoccupied with oneself and the gratification of one's own desires

"We must first become selfless. That is the task of culture today for the future. Humanity must become more and more selfless; therein lies the future of right moral life deeds, the future of all acts of love that can occur through earthly humanity." --Rudolf Steiner (Approaching the Mystery of Golgotha, pp. 67, 119)


. The future of religious development lies in making the existing religions into one great religion for the whole human race


link with teachings around 600 BC - add quotes


the deeper mission of Christianity is given in the words:

`If anyone comes to me who does not disregard his father and mother, his wife and children and his brothers and sisters as well as his own soul-bearing life, he cannot be my disciple.

1°2 Mark also put it in other words:

His mother and his brothers came and stood outside and sent to call him. But a crowd was sitting round bim. So when they said to him: See how your mother and your brothers and your sisters are outside looking for you, he answered them: Who is my mother, and who are my brothers? Looking round at those sitting in the circle he said: See here my mother and my brothers. Whoever does the will of God is my Brother and my sister and my mother.'

In Luke's gospel we also find:

`My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and do it.'