Systematic approach to core anthroposophy

From Anthroposophy

raw text drafted as basis for short descriptive note

my personal process

reading -> remembering what one has read where, and trying to find back .. exactly how or what, details .. tracing back .. if one reads a wealth, huge volumes


copy texts into word documents

then whilst and as part of the reading/study .. parse lectures, bringing structure (subheadings outline mode, indents, ..) and annotation (highlight bold, underline), and: produce schematics and tables where possible with lecture references, these are like self-crafted symbols or pointers to what has been studied (re link with scrying)

these fruits can then be held next to one another, compared and linked .. one literally brings together various perspectives .. using simple structures to manage the process so it can be worked with, edited, maintained and edited/updated digitally

of course one needs to set out a meta-structure or taxonomy, a top down outline that makes sense, entry points that one can use to connect

example: 25920 comes back in breathing, day/night (earth rhythm), life/death, and platonic year/precession equinoxes .. and then there's the 'three meetings' .. that each person has three types of meetings, one every night, one every year, one once in a lifetime. immediately this offers a structure for the study of man as a microcosm connected to the macrocosmic rhythm

for some areas the best way to present it only emerged gradually .. eg symptoms of reality

then also listening to rsa, complementing the free reading and the concentrated study/parse

soon one comes to the point of searching for english book versions, order them (often second hand), scan and ocr, and integrate them

and one also finds the work of anthroposophists who offer large chunks .. eg rebholz, lorenzen, pfeiffer, ..

need to translate pieces of essential value that complement the RSL (-> translators)

the process is led by invisible support

now then on the one hand there is the tangible part (15.000 pages, thousands of slides, many dozens of tables, etc) .. the soul-part, insights, the work we do for the spiritual world

and then .. there is the challenge of conveying .. once one has grasped and with so many miles on the counter has seen the MoG, one realizes it's allmost impossible to convey it again, because so much ground was covered and all this is needed in order to fully comprehend, appreciate, see and know

after the first basics are covered -> look for where there is more

a) german PDF versions -> searching for key clues (because by now the framework has been initialized, so we filter and look for additions, enrichments)

b) GA2025

c) CW initiative, new translations as they become available

the fruits or deliverables .. how I choose to work here

the web pages should NOT be filled with Steiner quotes, but only give a sort of 'executive summary' (awful word I know), a description in one's own words that 'comes from' and encompasses the journey travelled, and all things learned across manifold lectures

in other words the challenge should be .. now that you've discerned the image that comes forth through the haze or veil or mist .. through all the puzzle pieces that you've found and interlinked .. what is that image? describe it

rather than just re-listing many extracts of many Steiner lectures that yes provide a pathway and together these pathways, as strings of pearls (Steiner lecture extracts/quotes) are the building material for something at a higher level

I believe this to be the imagination

and I'd like a web page to provide a handle and orientation place with a 'picture' .. that is a very difficult ambition

link to insights and imaginations


practical format

extracts in FMC format of the RSL lecture references/extracts, dowloadable as study documents, together with a navigation pane from MS Word