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In the anthroposopical foundation of spiritual science in the period 1904-1924, Rudolf Steiner expanded on Charles Darwin's (1809-1882) theory of evolution based on natural selection (On the Origin of Species, 1859) and also Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919) biogenetic law (1866, see also recapitulation theory).


Upto the 19th century, the basis for astronomy was based on the observation of the heavenly bodies, their movement and influences. Especially in the millenium before, sensory observation of physical light was the basis for astronomy. In ancient times of atavistic clairvoyance this was different again.

Since the 20th century, astronomy has ventured into the broadened spectrum of what is regarded as electromagnetic radiation:

  • from cosmic, gamma and X-rays on the one hand (above ultraviolet or UV)
  • and microwaves and radio waves on the other side (below infrared or IR) of the visible spectrum.

This new source of observational data coincided with a shift in the scientific paradigm to the use of mathematics as the basis for conceptual theories (eg general relativity, quantum mechanics, etc) within a purely materialistic framework of mineral science. Hence radio astronomy and mathematics have become key to cosmological theories.

Foundational elements of 20th century cosmological theories

The Big Bang theory was developed on the basis of, and rests on a foundational blocks of:

- on the other hand: gamma bursts from the sun, and x-rays from neutron stars


the physical matter studied by mineral science is maya due to ahrimanic influences

see also the five problems with science in Schema FMC00.275 on worldview

hence, the interpretative framework of all astronomical observations is vastly different

nebulae and galaxies

  • see comet statement 'astral hits etheric -> light'
  • christ impact first astral then etheric finally visible light (substance)
  • old sun light arising, what before? warmth .. and this light is not physical light

now considering: warmth - light - chemical - life

background radiation shows the sphere of warmth, which could map to the Old Saturn stage

gamma bursts from the sun could be the life ether


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