Planetary cycles

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End of Earth

12.12 – Unification of human race by Christ at end Earth cycle before Jupiter

See Rebholz Ch 5 Phantom

Transition between planetary phases
And this process of reunification continues through the fact, that at the end of earthly evolution, the Christ will unite all these thought-phantoms, which surround the earth as "spiritual haze structures", into a single form, from which - after passing through the Pralaya - the archetypal image of Jupiter would appear.…

and at the end of the ages the remains of our Earth incarnations will stand there … all the phantom-like beings… like a mighty tableau. … and what do they come to, taken as a whole? Because Christ unites them all … the remains of the single incarnations are all compressed together. … Compress what is rarefied and you will get density. Spirit also becomes dense, and so our collective Earth-incarnations are united into one spiritual body.

(1914-07-16-GA155, emphasis by Rebholz)GA 155. Christ and the Human Soul. Translated by Charles Davy. Lecture 4. h