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The next and more additional and advanced study modules on the Christ Impulse and the Mystery of Golgotha (MoG), as a continuation beyond the first seven modules. Interestingly, these topics were not part of the scope of the main reference lectures by which Rudolf Steiner introduced the MoG in 1906-7.


Module 8Resurrection

old page: resurrection body - cleansed phantom from Luciferic influence, as well related to this: the Unification of human race by Christ at end Earth cycle before Jupiter and the second Adam

Module 9Trinity and Logoi

Module 10Tenth Hierarchy: Future Jupiter and Occult Atom

Module 11A new phyiscs

old page: two streams and timelines: two clocks, two streams, two astronomies .. cultural ages and time epochs vs Christ-Earth timeline

Module 12 – the cosmic 'I'

Module 13 – Teachings about Christ across the ages

Module 14 – the counterforces: Lucifer, Ahriman and Asuras

old page: Christ and L&A, that is: Christ versus and as a balance between Luciferic & Ahrimanic influences

Lord of Karma

transformation of Sibyl forces

importance of one's connection with the Christ Impulse, incl gaining understanding of MoG through spir science

christ etheric - faculties to be expected
not: working in sleep

mystical lamb - macroscopic being

resurrected Osiris


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