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SoSoG is an acronym for 'Standing on the Shoulders of Giants', a metaphoric expression for secondary anthroposophical literature.

Indeed many students into anthroposophy dive into the tremendous body of lectures and books by Rudolf Steiner .. but mostly stop there.

This whereas Steiner was not alone but surrounded himself by special individuals who also contributed a tremendous wealth of exceptional materials, thereby already structuring subject areas and complementing them with own research.

In the past 115 years a tremendous amount of work was done in this respect, yet

- this work is not always very well known, one has to really search and find its way

- one can easily be snowed under by the thousands of book titles in databases of anthro libraries, so where to start?

The SoSoG apprach links two main angles:

- a topic taxonomy

- a 'best of' selection or 'gallery' of anthroposophists you should know, or are worthwhile to study

See also the PDF file on the page: [[1]]

Examples of people who published reference work in study volumes


- kulturimpuls website for profiles of anthroposophists, and their work: [2]

- second hand bookshop with offering of many anthroposophical book antiquairs: [3]

- as well as the amazon shops .de .fr .com

- the anthro libraries, eg The Hague and New York

various angles