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Free Man Creator or FMC is the name of this project

what & why?



volumes, each existing out of chapters. These are logical volumes and chapters really, not as we known them in one book.

work method:

- digital - english - structured - microsoft office based: Word, Excel, Powerpoint

What's in a name? Why Free Man Creator (FMC)? Because it concisely coins a message with a tremendous breadth and depth, the top of the pyramid structure of knowledge. It contains so much that it can only be grasped once one knows and understands all the rest.

Man is Free, and the result of evolutionary cycles .. today Man contributes by every thought and every action, to the creation of the future. The future planet earth, the future kingdoms and mankind.

Our thoughts and actions co-create. See eg Rebholz' Durchgang essay.


what & why

text here

why? the many problems for the student of anthroposophy

what? useful materials for the earnest student of anthroposophy

What are we trying to accomplish

integration didactic materials towards -> insight -> imaginations


on this page you'll find more on FMC


on this page you'll find more on SoSoG

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Base principles

RSL quotes other sources too story line